update on Fedna with lots of pics!

I feel like I’ve been slacking on the update department with Fedna.  I have been sick for about a week now and I’m trying to catch up with life from that!

Fedna is still doing good.  For the most part she is a very happy little girl.  We do have our moments, but what child wouldn’t given the circumstances she is in.  If she starts to feel out of place or like everyone is looking at her she will start to cry and need lots of extra love from me.  The other day I told her no about something and this little girl has a temper!  She started screaming and crying.  It made me laugh at her little crazy side coming out!!!

She is healing up well.  I think I had mentioned there were two parts on her back that the doctor wasn’t too pleased with how they were healing.  We visited with a plastic surgeon on Monday and he seems to think he can take care of it.  🙂  Him and her other doctor will be doing another surgery on her tomorrow (friday).  It is an outpatient surgery so we won’t be spending the night at the hospital.  PRAISE GOD!  They said it shouldn’t take too long and we’ll go home later that day.  I’m praying that they get it good and tight how they want it and she’ll heal up rather quickly from this small little surgery!  We check in at 8:30 and I think surgery is at 10:30 (CST), so if you remember us during those hours be sure and say a little prayer for sweet Fedna and both her doctors.

I’ll leave you with some sweet pictures of this little girl!


This is everyone playing legos.  Yes I was there monitoring Fedna so that she didn’t fall off the table!!!


My two 3 year olds!  Did you know that Deacon and Fedna are only 2 months apart in age!  Did you know that Deacon and Amos are only 6 months apart in age?


Cayden wanted me to take a picture of him playing lego’s with a “normal” face.  I guess that means no smiles.  Like his headband?  This kid wears this just about every day!  I love his little crazy personality!  Don’t you dare tell him it looks stupid, b/c he’s discovering his style!


Fedna loves to play outside with the boys.  I always have to put pants on her even if she has a dress on b/c it hurts met o think of her knees on the concrete.  She wants to ride on the cars so badly.  She can pull herself all the way up, and then the boys help her get her one leg over to the other side and then they push her around.  I love that they are learning compassion and how to help someone that needs a little extra help.  I’m proud of them.  Cayden has come so far with her.  At first he didn’t want to help and when we were outside he was so sweet to her and helping her so much.  I love to see that growing in him.  Deacon is just super sweet with her most of the time!


She crawls all over the place outside.  I had to let it go.  I let her go crazy and she gets so dirty, but it’s okay.  We go straight to the bath and get clean.  She has so much fun!  Yes, that’s our RV out there!  The boys are going camping this weekend while we are at the hospital!

Here’s how she gets on the bike:





pretty cool, uh!


she loves to put shoes on her hands and crawl around!  you can tell she’s been in my closet!


i have hardly any pictures of Fedna and I together.  If you are wondering what is wrong with my lip … well not only have i been sick and felt like poo this past week, but i got lots of little fever blisters on my top lip.  UGH!


Fedna will take this little chair and push it all over the house.  It’s from IKEA and super cute and cheap.  I’m thinking I might get one to take back with her to Haiti.


She even lifts it over the door frames so she can keep pushing it.


look at her go!


then she gets tired and crawls the rest of the way!!!

So, there is the week in pictures!!!


3 responses to “update on Fedna with lots of pics!

  1. Oh my goodness…..what great pictures and update. Thanks for that! I swear she needs a little walker, she gets around great with that stool! Such a different little girl that the sweet face I visited in the hospital. She has come out of her shell! I will be praying for yall tomorrow! So glad you dont have to stay the night! What a blessing!

  2. LOVE those pictures! Precious! Oh…and I get fever blisters anytime I am sick, stressed or extremely tired. They are the worst!!!!

  3. i love the pic of her sitting on the blue chair! would it be possibly to get a litlle walker for her to take to haiti? that woudl be so great for her!

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