dream date and a dream dress.

Dream date night.  Oh my how fun to dream!  Aaron and I love to date.  I am one that loves to get dressed nice (which for me just means something besides t-shirts and flip flops) and put on some make-up (b/c that doesn’t happen every day) and actually fix my hair (yeah that doesn’t happen very often either!).  I love going out with Aaron.  I love that we still put dating as a priority.  It has been very hard lately here with Fedna here, but we’re committed to it.   We’ve been going out late after all the kids are in bed!

Over at one of my favorite sites – Mama Manifesto – they are holding a contest that I’m in love with.  I would LOVE to win a new dress!  They have asked us to go to a super cool dress site, find our favorite dress and blog about where we would wear this on our dream date!  How fun!

So, now as I watch The Biggest Looser and veg on the couch until bedtime I’ll tell you about my dress and dream date!

So here you go …. I’ve never owned a white dress besides my wedding dress but I love them!  I love them in the summer on some tan and toned leggs.

Check out this white dress:


I would for sure want to be wearing this in the summer time.  I would hope that I would be tan and fit and Aaron would freak when he saw me in this!

I think I would like to go somewhere like Seattle, or San Fran, or Phoenix, or NYC, or Boston …. any of those would do!

He would pick me up from our hotel (he’s been down at the bar waiting while I get ready), then we would go eat at a very cool restaurant.  Probably one that has a huge wine list, great appetizers and some fabulous fish dinners!

Then we would head to a jazz club and listen to jazz all night long.  Then we would head back to our hotel …….. and well …… married people stuff.

We would then sleep in for a long time and not get up and get ready until noon.  We would get breakfast in bed and watch movies in bed.  Then we would drive out to the country and stay for 3 days in a bed and breakfast with no internet, no phones, no nothing but a big king comfy bed, a pool, a jacuzzi, lounge chairs and a chef to make all of our meals!

So, I guess my date night turned into date weekend!!!  Oh my when can I leave for this!!!!

6 responses to “dream date and a dream dress.

  1. I did this too…

    so fun.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  3. your fit and your tan…….lets go get that dress……then aaron will feel like he really should book that trip!

  4. and ill volunteer to keep your FOUR kids bc it will be summer time, Ill be off work, you WILL have story and amos! What a great idea…..I might need to have an extra set of hands especially if you make it a weekend get away! 🙂 Ill just keep dreaming with you! hehehe

  5. Oh this is a beautiful dress.

    I hope you can make your dream date a reality soon!!!

  6. wow…have you been reading romance novels? why do i feel dirty reading this?

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