sending Fedna back home

As I mentioned before we hope and pray that Fedna is ready to go back to Haiti on March 13 when we go there.  If she’s not ready then we’ll have to get someone to keep her while we’re gone.  I DO NOT want to do that.  I don’t want to have to put her through that.  She needs to get home to her momma and not to have to acclimate to another family again.  Too much!

Anyhow …. my blog friend Tanya and her family just sent their two girls they were hosting back to Haiti.  I have been following Tanya’s blog for a while now.  They adopted a little boy last year from Haiti and following that journey was hard for me and good for me.  Hard to watch her go through so much grieve and pain and good for me to see that this journey is not for the weak and not all roses.

Go and visit her BLOG about her two Haitian Princesses that she just sent home.  They are trying to get back into the grove of life in Haiti after being with Tanya and her family for 2 months.

I will be sad when Fedna leaves us, but oh so happy for her sweet momma.


2 responses to “sending Fedna back home

  1. Jamie- I was sad when I read the e-mail from Lori… because the girls are missing us…. but mostly happy to hear that they are still feisty little spunky girls… that is what I loved most about them…. and I think that is what will be their most important characteristic as they grow up!

    I will be praying that Fedna’s back heals up the RIGHT way… neither one of you need to go through another surgery. I loved the picture of D and F holding hands…. I have a picture almost identical to that of Eli and Britnie holding hands in their car seats 🙂 It is the screen saver on my cell phone… I know my little boys especially are missing their little girlfriends!

  2. We will be praying that Fedna heals quickly and is fully ready to head back to Haiti with you in March. Just wanted to let you know that we live a little bit north of Austin and if worst comes to worst and she isn’t able to go with you, she is more than welcome to stay with us. We have 2 from Haiti and I speak Kreyol fluently, so hopefully that would help her feel a little more confortable here. Also, sorry you are sick, everyone seems to say that their allergies are really bad here. 😦

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