4 weeks with Fedna

As of yesterday, Fedna has been here with us for four weeks now. The time has flown by and it seems like she’s been here much longer. Her healing and recovery are doing well and we’re hoping and praying that when Aaron and I head back to Haiti in the middle of March that we can take her with us and give her back to her mamma and papa. What a joyous day that will be for them!


We went to the doctor on Tuesday for a check up and things are doing okay. She is doing great, but the doctor is not 100% happy with how the wound is healing. It’s nothing bad, just not like she would want. I found out today that we’re going to see another doctor (plastic surgeon I think) next week for him to look at it. There is a possibility that they will have to open her back up to see what the deal is. I’m praying that this isn’t necessary and that her wound begins to heal completely on its own.

Around the house she is dong well. She follows the boys around wherever they go and tries to keep up with them. They are playing well with her and Cayden even told me the other day that he wishes she could stay here forever. This is coming from the boy that wasn’t too thrilled about her being here at first. 🙂 I thought that was so sweet of him to think of her that way, but we discussed how much her momma, papa and baby brother would miss her!


She is still eating just about anything we put in front of her and like all of us she loves her some chips!!! Today at lunch I couldn’t get her to eat her yogurt and so with every bite I added a frito and she gobbled up the yogurt!

She has been calling me a version of Mommy. It sounds like ma-moo and sometimes more like Ma-moon and other times Mommy. At first I freaked out b/c I didn’t want her to think she was here forever and I was her new mommy. But I am certain she doesn’t think that. We still show her pictures all the time of her momma and papa and I think she calls me that b/c that’s what she hears the boys call me. When would she hear “jamie” around here? She calls Aaron either daddy or Aaron. So cute.

She also knows both the boys names. When we go to their preschool to pick them up she knows exactly what is going on. As we are walking up the stairs to get Cayden she says his name and after we have him when we’re on our way to Deacon’s class she says his name. 🙂 It is super cute!


When we play outside I’ve been putting her on a blanket and bringing some toys outside. Yesterday she ventured off the blanket and all over the driveway. She even put a hole in a sock b/c her shoes weren’t on and it rubbed on the driveway so much. Now I know how she got those sores on her feet that she has! Note to self: always have shoes on the girl!

She has gained 2 lbs since she has been out of the hospital. She eats and eats and eats and I have to stop her sometimes b/c I know that she’s had enough!

Today I was thinking about what if we had said no to hosting her. I knew that I would have much more free time when the boys were in school. I would not change any diapers. I wouldn’t have to distribute any medicine during the day. I wouldn’t have to help anyone go pee-pee during the day. I would get to sleep much later. I could go on lots more dates with Aaron. I could go to Haiti with Aaron in March (that would make two trips in one month). BUT I know that Fedna has made me a better person. I have experienced for a short time what it is like to parent a child with a disability. It has made me a better mom and a stronger person. I pray that it impacts my kids in a way that they wouldn’t have been impacted had we just told them about people that can’t use their legs to walk. I pray that they are learning to love in a more tangible way. I pray they are learning how to be friends with someone that is different than you. It is also showing me how much I look forward to being the mommy of a sweet little girl. HURRY HOME STORY & AMOS!

3 responses to “4 weeks with Fedna

  1. thanks so much for sharing this journey on your blog! I love reading about you guys and your journey. So honored that we can pray for you!!

  2. Hi Jamie….I love this post!!!! I believe Fedna has made me a better person, too!!! I have just been so moved by her journey and you family helping her with it!!! My heart has ached for her to return to Haiti and her Mama and Pappa and rejoiced at her healing with your family. Such a dilemna and yet somehow it is working. I believe it is Miraculous and God’s Hands are holding Fedna, her Mama and Pappa, and your sweet family altogether in the unseen, yet, oh so felt, palm of His Hands!!! I believe we are catching a glimmer and glimpse as to what Heaven will be like, one day, for all of us. All of us…from everywhere…how’s the song go? Red and yellow, black and white…we are precious in His sight…Jesus loves the little children of the world.

    Thank you for giving us these continued glimmers and a bit of what I believe a glimpse into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Praying that blessing shower you all!!!!!!

  3. Jamie,
    I’ve read your blog for some time now. I am Sonel’s “host mom”. I can relate to you sooooo much. It’s very hard to care for a child, that can’t speak your language, after a major surgery. I had to carry Sonel to the bathroom…everytime he had to go, for weeks, until he figured out that he could hold his feet up and crawl, (I still had to put him on the toilet). I hardly got a minutes sleep for days. I had to give him Morphine every few hours. I’ve always said “This is what I was meant to do”, but it’s so very hard. It does take so much of your time. It’s like having a newborn again. The rewards are sooooo great though. But I have to think hard about hosting again. My heart says “yes”, but I feel tired. We will have Sonel for over a year when he goes back. I know it will tear my heart out, but my life will never be the same. The kids of Haiti are so beautiful. It’s been a privelege. We will go back in May…I may get to see Amos and Story (unless they are HOME by then)!

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