some things you should know

when i’m at a loss for words i enjoy telling you about some things i’ve recently read that have been interesting to me.

Most of you here probably follow Licia’s blog in Haiti b/c I talk about it all the time, but if you haven’t recently read one of her entries I highly recommend you head over there now.  I read THIS post on Sunday morning before church and it wrecked me.  The reality of living in a 3rd world country will NEVER be reality for me.  I’ll never understand it and I’ll never have to go there.  It just won’t happen.  I’ll probably always have food for my kids and a roof over my head.  THIS story rocked me to the core.  Right now my mom is really into reading about the end times and it doesn’t really interest me that much, but as I was reading Licia’s blog I prayed and actually said for one of the first times “Jesus come quickly”.  You see I don’t want any more suffering, disease or death.  I want life.

Adoption brings questions.  Aaron and I love to talk about adoption.  We love to tell our story and for people to hear how God brought our particular family together.  It is a fun story to tell and we don’t mind questions.  However … some questions just get odd and out of line.  Here are some examples of questions that are either odd, none of your business, or not good to ask when my kids are standing there:

  1. How much did he cost?
  2. Did his mom not want him?
  3. Are they (real) brother and sister?  If you ask this when Amos and Story come home I will look at you and say YES.  No, they are not biologically related, but they are brother and sister and please don’t ask this in front of them – no need to confuse the kids!
  4. Is it cheaper to get a black baby?

These are some random questions that have been asked to us.  The thing is when we know you and you are really wondering about adoption and how things work then we are more than willing to answer your questions … even your silly ones!!  BUT there are some people out there that have no idea and speak way before their mind can catch up with them!!!

My friend  Kristen recently posted a blog that is great for adoptive families and the crazy questions we get!

This family is also hosting a baby from Haiti here on medical visa!  Check out her blog.

This family just brought home children (I think from the Ukraine) and someone sent me their blog.

My friend Ginger pointed us to this blog that states that TOMS will be giving 100,000 pairs of TOMS away to Haitians affected by the hurricane.  (this blog was from 10/08) Oh my word.  LOVE this.  I need to go buy me some TOMS tomorrow!

I won THIS dress this week!


4 responses to “some things you should know

  1. oh i love this post. so i am a social worker and in my classes we could talk about things like cost, reasons, and disparities. But since I don’t have any close friends that have adopted, i dont know the questions to ask and not ask. thank you for letting me know. i do have some since of filter as i would not ask someone i do not know well these questions. anyway, thank you for the update, loss of words posts are the best.
    i also pray for the end times, whatever those may be. i ask God to bring them as well and then i quickly remind him that it does scare me however because of my theology upbringing of it being something like a hurricane/tornato/volcano/earthquake/left behind series-like. yikes.

  2. *sense, not since. oops.

  3. A lady actually asked me in a department store aisle if Wislaine had AIDS!!!!! Can you believe it??? I was so flabbergasted I just said NO but what I should have said is, do you??? Then we went to the ladies room to change her and this lady and her daughter were still talking about it!!! People can be so insensitive and rude, especially when you are standing there with the child. I have never come up with a good response to these off-the-wall questions.

  4. Yeah, we will be adopting transracially also and these are the two most common questions:
    1. How much does a black baby cost?
    2. Don’t you want to give Micah(my biological son) a REAL brother or sister?
    There is a fine line between interest/ignorance.
    FYI, my hubby and I are probably going to Haiti in March with Lifeline missions! Yay!

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