off to church

I am loving dressing up a little girl.  I have been waiting for some warmer weather to put her in this dress for a long time now!


Also these pictures are proof that she does indeed smile.  WHen we are around lots of people she is very shy and literally closes down.  She hardly ever smiles out in public if she thinks people are looking at her.




7 responses to “off to church

  1. her smile brightens up the world!!!


  2. she is SO cute! so are your boys! 🙂

  3. Now that is a good looking bunch!

  4. Hi Jamie, I know you guys are in Austin, but would you happen to know of a good community of believers in Dallas? I know of a couple that just moved there and are hurting deeply. I would love to get them connected to some genuine fellowship.

    PS In case I have not introduced myself – I found you through the Livesay’s or the Rescue Center. Can’t remember which! Have been reading about your journey to Amos and Story. I have a little Haitian man of my own(:

  5. Too cute! Enjoy our time with her!

  6. Missing you! Fedna looks so beautiful! I hope she always feels like the princess that she is, even when she is back in Haiti. I hope you’re sending back lots of pictures of her with her two “part time” brothers. I’m sure she will cherish her time with you as she gets older.

  7. had to say that I love those pillows! lovely!
    and your boys are just so adorable!
    Hope you are having fun having a little girl to hang with! I think it’s amazing what you are doing for her, not just in hosting, but in loving her as your own for the time being…that must be huge to her little heart and her parents too!

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