sick kids.

I hate when my kids are sick.  It is so hard for me because you feel awful for them.  You literally wish you could take the sickness away and take it on yourself.

It is even harder to know that your child that lives in another country is sick and you can’t even be there to hold them and love on them.  Tonight my Story is sick.  She has been sick since last night.  I wish I could be there with her and hold her and love on her while she is feeling so awful.


3 responses to “sick kids.

  1. Sara (theinnrmostbox)

    My baby girl was sick once while I wasn’t there either. In a very strange sense it was another one of those “firsts” I wish I had been there for. I even wanted to be there more for this “first” than things like the first tooth, the first haircut, etc. Mostly because I wanted so badly to be the one who was comforting her. I feel for you!

  2. I’ll be praying for you. 🙂


  3. so sorry sister … i am sure that is really hard … will be praying for sweet Story

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