3 weeks

Today marks 3 weeks that Fedna has been here in the states.  She has been away from her momma and papa for a long time.  She has been with us for such a small time compared to her whole life.

I often wonder if Fedna will remember us when she’s gone and back to Haiti.  I plan on making her a photo book to take back and remember her time here with us. Hopefully it will show her momma how this momma here in Texas loved her and took care of her while she could not.

A few days ago I received a picture of Fedna’s little brother.  Oh my goodness could he be any cuter???


Fedna has been eating so well since she’s been here.  There hasn’t been much that I’ve put in front of her that she hasn’t eaten.  She loves hummus and will literally eat it by the spoonful if I let her!  She has also enjoyed couscous, veggie chili, applesauce, oatmeal, mandarine oranges, apples, banana’s, grilled cheese, and basically anything else we give her!!

Here are some pictures from dinner last night:




One thing about Fedna that cracks me up is that she loves to have shoes on!  If I don’t put shoes on her first thing in the morning she will go to her closet and get two that match (pretty impressive!) and bring them to me.  She has some favorites that we wear all the time and they’re all TOO big for her, but she doesn’t notice and I don’t care.  Yesterday at Target I found a pair of croc like shoes for $1.98.  Can you believe that and they are just her size!  There was also a pair the next size up and I’m so mad I didn’t get them too.  What was I thinking?  So now she has a new pair of favorite shoes and they are pink and so cute!  I hope that her momma likes them when she gets home!

I’m ready for warmer air so this girl can wear some cute dresses!!!  I have been given some great short sleeve dresses and I know she will look adorable in them!

Today is lazy day (so was Monday, I think!!!!).  I got out a lot yesterday and today is the day to stay home.  Getting out with three kids is a whole nother level from just two!  This is all preparation for when we soon have FOUR kids!!!!

I’ll be cleaning and doing home stuff.  Aaron has AUSTIN STONE ON CAMPUS and so it’s just the kids and I tonight for dinner and  stuff.  Fun times!


4 responses to “3 weeks

  1. Wow, brother is adorable!! You continue to amaze and inspire me girl! I love keeping up with you on here!

  2. i can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already!!! love the new photos 🙂

  3. She looks so happy and her brother is adorable!!! Wislaine has to have shoes on as well. Once she gets dressed for the day, she has to have shoes on and they stay on almost all day until bedtime. We also bought those cute shoes at Target, we got pink and blue and she wears them all the time. In the house of course, since we live in IN and now have 10-12 inches of snow!!!! What size shoes does Fedna wear?

  4. Angie she is wearing the 4/5 that i bought yesterday at Target.

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