My least favorite chores:

  1. sweeping & mopping
  2. unloading dishwasher

My chores I don’t mind doing:

  1. loading dishwasher
  2. dusting

What are yours?


24 responses to “chores.

  1. I don’t like….

    1. Laundry
    2. LAUNDRY
    3. Laundry….. this seems to be my life.
    4. Cleaning bathrooms

    the rest to me okay.


  2. laundry & dishes are two chores i’m constantly doing! its never-ending. i’m with you on the unloading…thats a pain. i don’t mind starting the laundry, but i despise putting the clothes up once they are clean. so i’ll wash the all of our clothes, no prob…but then they are likely to sit in a pile, clean for several days!

  3. I do not sweep and mop. Then, every five days, I don’t have to cook for the kids or feed the cats. We just snack off the floor.

  4. you’re funny christine. i like that idea. i really hate unloading the dishwasher also. i dont mind loading it. i think it is a phenomenon. i absolutely love rearranging closets and drawers. some people call it ‘OCD’, i call it ‘a love of organization’. i only like doing laundry because of the smell.

  5. I don’t like

    1. going to the grocery store (though HEB isn’t bad!)
    2. laundry
    3. mopping

    I don’t mind

    1. dusting
    2. cleaning the sink
    3. doing the dishes (sometimes)
    4. sweeping

  6. Do not:bathroom, making the bed, mopping
    Do: laundry, grocery shopping, vacuum

  7. Don’t: folding and putting away clothes, bathroom, unloading dishwasher

    Do: well, I don’t really enjoy any 🙂 but..if I had to …I would pick dusting and putting clothes in the washer

  8. Do mind:
    1. Putting away laundry
    2. Bathrooms
    3. Changing sheets
    4. Unloading dishwasher

    Don’t mind:
    1.Doing laundry
    2.Loading dishwasher

    • Oh Ashley … i forgot to list changing sheets …. I hate it on the boys beds b/c it’s bunk beds – nothing worse than that! also our mattress is super deep and so you almost break your fingers every time. It’s always a two man job!

  9. I hate vacuming . I have a great vacume, but you have to fill it with water, and then empty the water after and its icky.

    I dont really like dishes, the dishwasher never cleans the silverware, so I often do those by hand. I feel like the lady on the commercial picking peices of food off the dishes

    Folding clothes, so easy, but soooo tedious

    I don’t mind making the food because then I get to taste it
    I don’t mind sweeping the floor or mopping it
    I don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms, it keeps me busy while my toddler is taking an hour in the bathtub

  10. Folding laundry (no one else in my house—all boys—can do it so I’m stuck with it all!!!!)

  11. I DETEST laundry. All forms of it. I do not mind unloading the dishwasher and reloading it. I also LOVE to organize if I know it will stay that way!

  12. Jamie this is going to be quite a shocker. I don’t like to do anything that involves germs. (I still do it though:))That goes for cleaning the bathroom, dirty dishes or taking the trash out. I don’t mind unloading the dishwasher, putting new sheets on, doing laundry and I love to vacuum! I know that dirty laundry has germs but its somehow different in my head. 🙂

  13. Hate: Bathroom (1 bath apt shared w/ THREE males=major gross)
    Dislike less: all the rest but am still not a fan
    Really like:cooking, once i figure out what we’re having (which I don’t like to do ) 🙂

  14. And changing sheets on crib mattresses are the WORST!!!!

  15. chores i do for Jamie every day:
    -washing windows
    -cleaning chimney
    -reupholstering the furniture
    -cleaning the tile with a toothbrush
    -cleaning dustboards
    -cleaning ceiling fans
    -sweeping the driveway
    -organizing garage
    -changing sheets
    -organizing freezer & refrigerator
    -pulling weeds
    -planting flowers
    -cleaning countertops
    -organizing seasonal items in the hallway closet
    -steam cleaning curtains
    -cleaning the silver & china
    -defrosting the freezer
    -cleaning lint from dryer
    -organizing food pantry
    -deep cleaning the sinks and bathtubs
    -planning meals
    -grocery shopping
    -taking trash out
    -pleasing my wife in every way possible

  16. putting up the stand-up shower!!

  17. Chores I don’t like: unloading the dishwasher, putting up laundry & going to the grocery store.

    Chores I don’t mind: doing the laundry, cooking,

  18. I don’t like any chores lol.

  19. I hate:

    unloading the dishwasher
    putting up laundry

    I actually really like:

    vacuuming 🙂
    laundry–the putting in the washer part

  20. Well, I taught my 5 and 8 year old boys to do most every chore in the house – they clean the bathrooms (to mama standards!), unload/reload the dishwasher, dust, windows,sweep, and they even do their own laundry! (I am SOOO blessed with boys who work with joy!) That way I can enjoy time with our 1 year old daughter, have a blast homeschooling b/c I’m actually prepared and just all stay on top of other stuff and still be a “fun ” mom and sane wife!

  21. I think I’d rather do just about ANYTHING but scrub the shower… and toilet… and take out the trash… and wash dishes.

    No – I’d rather clean toilets than wash dishes.

  22. I HATE sorting socks. With 6 kids at home plus me and hubby, one weeks worth of socks fills an entire luandry basket. They often sit in the basket all week and the kids spend every night trying to find matches.

    I also hate to clean out the frig. So gross!

    I honestly can not think of a single chore I LIKE to do. Vacuuming I don’t mind too much. Folding towels isn’t too bad because they are soft and smell so good!

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