one week home.

We’ve been home a week from the hospital and it is so good to be home.  I love every day life in my house and not from room 333!  This week has flown by and that is good.  I can’t believe it is already Sunday night and Fedna is doing wonderful.

Today was church for the first time for her.  She did good, but it is very overwhelming for her.  LOTS Of people and they all want to look at her and touch her.  Even though I can tell she’s very overwhelmed she did fabulous.  We even had to go back tonight for a meeting and she handled it good.  During my meeting she insisted that I hold her.  So, my back is killing me.

During church as I sang and held her I couldn’t help but wonder about her future.  Will there be someone when she’s older to tell her about Jesus and his love and grace for her?  Would her paths cross with someone that could tell her about the joy in the Lord?  I prayed this for her and prayed for her parents and their lives as well.  I feel connected to this little girl in a weird sorta way.  I don’t love her as a child of mine, but I just love her a  whole lot!

I think that is one of the hardest things about taking care of her is that my back is so tired and sore at the end of the night.  My nightly ritual is to sit in my chair and move the heating pad up and down my back and neck all night long.  This week I’m off to get a massage.

Fedna is getting more comfortable around Aaron.  In fact when I was getting boys ready for bed and he was in the kitchen with her I could hear her laughing from the other room.  That is good.  I think she feels safe here at our house.  On THursday night I decided to try and see if she would sleep in Story’s room and she did.  She has been there every night since.  That is awesome and she sleeps a good 11-12 hours each night.  Praise the Lord she’s a good sleeper like my kids!!!  😉

This weekend my mom came for a visit and brought the kids presents.  She brought Bat Man masks for both boys and made them both a cape.  She brought Fedna pretty hair stuff!



We have been getting out more and it is not as bad as I thought it would be.  It is an adjustment to add an extra kid to your established family.  Then add one that can’t speak your language or walk, and then it’s even harder.  I feel as though we’ve done a good job with these challenges and she is adjusting well to our home.

She is even better with Carson now!  The can be in the same room and she won’t freak!


In fact the other day while I was working I laid her down on the guest bed and she fell fast asleep.   I looked over and found Carson cuddled up close to her.  I giggled because if she woke up she would freak out!  I did capture it on camera though!


She is so funny, b/c she’ll go in her closet and find shoes and put them on her hands as she crawls around the house.  It cracks me up!



She hardly ever smiles around people, and especially if it’s a big group. I just love her smile and she is so funny!  Some of her faces remind me so much of Amos.  I’m not sure why, but the way she moves her lips and eyes makes me think of him.


Here’s my medical supply drawer!



Thanks for coming this weekend Nana!


8 responses to “one week home.

  1. I love these pictures! the boys masks ROCK and the capes are great!! Landen got a cape making kit from my parents for Christmas and he wore it every day for about a week! 🙂

  2. The pictures are GREAT!!!!
    What a beautiful little girl 🙂
    You’re doing a great job Jaim!!!!!!

  3. I am so grateful and glad that everything has gone well so far. I’ve definitely been praying for you guys. I love the picture of Fedna and Carson sleeping, that’s awesome. It’s the same with Jack and our cat… only the other way around. Oliver (aka Furry brother) stays as far away from Jack as possible, unless he’s sleeping. Definitely sorry about the back strain. How much does she weigh, have you tried using a sling or even a wrap? Jack is about 45 lbs and I can still wear him in a woven wrap (either on my back or on my hip) and sometimes it’s the only way I make it through the day in one piece. A Mei Tai might work well too… just a thought.

  4. could she be any more precious?

  5. She has such sweet and happy eyes!

  6. fedna is so beautifull!!!!! que linda es!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You are amazing! I love you!

  8. Ahh, Jamie, I’ve not popped on in a while, but, oh my goodness, Fedna looks terrific!!!! God through your family is certainly supplying sweet Fedna with much love. I can only imagine how her family must miss her is they get the opportunity through L or L 🙂 to see her precious smile!!!!

    Whatever you guys are doing….keep doing. She is being loved!!!

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