1st out to eat

Here’s Fedna’s first out to eat experience with us!


We went to Chuy’s and I must say Fedna is a fan!  She loved the beans and rice!

She is so funny because she never smiles if Aaron’s around.  I think it is so funny!  Last night in the bath she was cracking up and having so much fun then Aaron walked in and it was over.  Sad face.  No eye contact.  The second he was out of sight she went back to her normal happy self.  Aaron watched in the mirror so he could see that she does laugh and smile some, because he’s never seen it!


5 responses to “1st out to eat

  1. Isn’t Story the same way???

    That is so funny!

  2. Love Chuy’s. Looks like you had a fun night.

  3. yum….chuy’s…i’m jealous!!!

  4. I hope Fedna will be able to get use to to Aaron. It must be hard on him. Maybe he can give her ice cream or something she realy likes, and only him will give her that every time, so she can see that he is safe to be with

  5. Fedna…I know how you feel. Aaron had the same effect on me!

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