baby changing table 101

If you are planning on opening up an establishment that will have a baby changing station let me offer you some advice ….

  1. DO NOT put it directly on the wall by the door.  #1 nobody wants to see a baby’s bum in the air as soon as they walk into the restroom.  #2 if I needed to cath Fedna I would not feel comfortable doing that there at all.  It’s private and personal and nobody’s business!
  2. It would be great to have some hand sanitizer on the all for the mom’s to use when they are done.  It is hard for me to wash my hands while holding Fedna after I’ve changed her diaper.  A quick rinse and then hand sanitizer would do me good for the time being.
  3. Have some paper towels close to the changing table.  There is nothing like exploding poop, or projectile pee, or using your last wipe and having nothing around you to grab.

I would like to applaud the IKEA establishment that I visited today.  There was a family restroom that included a big comfy chair to sit in, free diapers, a sink close by and paper towels in my reach.  The big comfy couch came in handy when I needed to potty but needed somewhere to put Fedna besides on a bathroom floor.  Thank you big, comfy chair from IKEA.  Also thanks for the free diaper.  I had plenty with me but I took one anyways.  Is that wrong?  Did I steal?


9 responses to “baby changing table 101

  1. I absolutely LOVE Ikea’s family bathroom. It’s fantastic when I take all three boys. I can tell two of them to sit in that big comfy chair while I take care of the other one. Ikea is great.
    It sounds like your doing a great job with Fedna. We’re praying for you all.

  2. I was in a mall here recently where the “family bathroom” (which is more like a little apartment) had couches, changing stations, a microwave, etc, not to mention a tiny toilet next to the regular toilet, and a low sink. There are a lot of good “family bathrooms” here.

  3. We have an Ikea by us too. LOVE it!!!!

  4. I would say taking the diaper was economical and not stealing 🙂

  5. I had to laugh… Been there done that! I was so happy when micah could finally stand and I could cath him into the potty, or a container. So much easier for boys!!!!

  6. Ikea definitely rocks it out when it comes to families…. my favorite feature is the decent, sturdy high chairs and baby food warming stations in the restaurant. I think Ikea really rocks my world all the way around actually….

  7. story time! Two weeks ago my friend had a baby and I went to see him. As I was helping her change him, she covered him up because she warned me that he often pees right when she begins to change his diaper. Instead, he projectiled pooped and THEN started peeing in the rag she used to cover him. Quite the expereince. I think I probably laughed a little harder than she appreciated.

  8. I was just at IKEA yesterday with a friend who is a new mom. I was going on and on about the family bathrooms. Ours has a nursing room, too. I felt like I was introducing my friend to a new secret club . . .

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