first costco and first library.

Sometimes I feel like Fedna is having so many “firsts” while she is here!  In the hospital she had chocolate milk and loved it.  I’m going to guess she hadn’t ever had that before.  I had to break it to her that we don’t have that kind of stuff here at our house …. except for the occasional soy chocolate milk!

Here’s her first Costco trip:


Today was her first “storytime” at the library.  We hadn’t been since October and they changed the schedule on me and we ended up at the Spanish storytime.  It was fun and my kids weren’t too sure of it, but we made it through it all and they got their stickers at the end.


Reading books with Deacon:


Anyone notice her new hairdo that I gave her last night!!!!



7 responses to “first costco and first library.

  1. watchingthewaters

    ROFL at 3 kids at Spanish storytime. Were they scratching their heads like, huh?

  2. I miss those storytime days! We still read together at home, but I LOVED those little library trips!

    Fedna’s hair looks great!

  3. LOVE her hair- I am so proud!

  4. you are a great hairstylist! She looks adorable! Way to go SUPER MOM!

  5. Dig the ‘do ! 🙂 Good for you!

  6. a few years ago i spent several months in rural africa, i remember the day i ended up taking a guy in his late teens to a fancy restaurant of sorts while we tried to buy him some concrete in the city, for the floor of the hut he was trying to build. it was an americanized place…definitely for tourists, the only place around…and he looked at the menu and had no clue what anything was. he ordered the “sadza”, the traditional everyday food item for zimbabwe b/c that was all he recognized on the menu. we told him no, go all out, it’s obviously on us, get the “hamburger and fries”. we tried to explain it to him but it didn’t work, when the plate came, and he tasted….he smiled really big. tasty. he had his first ever “american” hamburger. and then we told him that’s pretty much why all american’s were fat so don’t eat too many.

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