getting back to normal.

We have been home now from the hospital for a little over 48 hours now. They have been good and bad. Much more good than bad, but we have had our moments. Fedna is doing fabulous physically. She doesn’t sit still around here much. She follows me around everywhere and loves to play with the boys. Tonight while we were cleaning out the garage and the boys were playing in the driveway, Fedna sat and played with sidewalk chalk. I had to eventually take it away though because she kept trying to eat it! That can’t be good for you!

We went back to the doctor today and she said that she looks good and she’ll see us back in two weeks, unless something were to go wrong. Keep praying for her incision to heal well on her back. We don’t want any bleeding or puss, or we’ll have to go back to the doctor. We’re still doing the in/out caths (is that the right terminology all you nurses out there?) and still praying that maybe she’ll start peeing on her own. Will you continue to pray with me for this?

While at the doctor’s office today there was a couple in there to see the doctor. The woman looked about 6 or 7 months pregnant and I think her mom was with them too. I have no clue why they were there, but I can only assume it is because their baby is being born with some sort of disability and they are there to talk to the Dr about possible plans for after birth. I’m only guessing, but it still made my heart ache for them. Although my heart ached I also wanted to hug her and tell her it was going to be okay no matter what her baby was disabled with. I have never parented a child with special needs, but for 13 days I have been a temporary mommy to a girl with a disability and it is okay. Life is still good. This is not the worst thing that could happen to me or anyone else. I love her and could love her if she were my own. In our country and medical savvy world there is so much opportunity for those born with a disability. Fedna will make it. She will live a good life and I pray that God has so much for her. I have thought of that pregnant mommy all day today. I pray that her child is born healthy and if her child is not, I pray for guidance, comfort and strength.

Today I was able to pick the kids up from school and it felt wonderful. I felt like I was back to “normal”. I haven’t done anything like that for my kids in about 10 days and so that made me happy! His teacher was so fabulous because she had the class make the cutest “get well” card for Fedna. How sweet is that!

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  1. I’ve loved following your journey to Amos and Story and also following along while you are helping Fedna. That is AWESOME! Your blog is great. The “in/out” cath is called straight cathing. I’m a peds nurse, you asked so I thought I would let ya know. Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring blog!

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