day 7

I feel like I just made a full circle of our time here in the hospital.  I am back in the waiting room that I spent the entire day in last Monday.  Yes I’m still at the hospital.  I’m more than ready to go home.  I miss my husband, my kids, my house, my bed, and I even miss doing laundry!  I just want to go home.

Last night Salem sat with Fedna so that I could leave for a few hours.  That was marvelous.  I walked out of the hospital for the first time since Monday.  It was wonderful and I missed it.  I cried most of the way home, just wishing that Fedna was in the backseat in her car seat and we were heading home together!  I want that for her so much.  I want that for me too!

Seeing the kids at home and Aaron at home was great.  It was weird though.  I must say the hardest thing about hosting Fedna is the extreme of what I’m  having to give to her and the lack of extreme of what I’m giving my family.  Does that make sense?  I’m giving and giving and giving to Fedna but at the same time I’m giving nothing to my family.  This is hard on me and it’s especially hard on Aaron.  He just misses his wife.

I know I might sound like I’m complaining, and maybe I am, but I still love doing this for Fedna.  It is really hard right now for all of us, but I still believe that God wanted us to do this and sacrifice ourselves for her better good.  I’m praying and hoping that in a few months looking back we see God work in our lives and in her life.  I’m praying BIG, BIG things for this little girl.  She has made it this far, so I hope God continues to guide her path in life.

We’re still here because she is having some bleeding at her incision and the doctor does not want to send her home until she’s ready to be completely taken care of by me!  I’m glad for this!!!  So, we have been drawing lots of blood to check out levels and now she’s getting another MRI to get a look at what was done and see how it looks on the inside.  For Fedna’s sake I pray that all looks good and she gets to get out of the hospital TODAY!

Would you please pray for our family to get through these next few days.  Pray that we get out of here soon.  Pray that when she comes home that she recovers well and that I am comfortable taking care of her medical needs.  Pray for her parents back home to rest in the fact that she’s doing well and getting great care here in Texas.

On a side note, I have set up meals for Sarah that is here hosting Bear.  If you live in Austin and didn’t get an email about that please leave me a comment and I’ll get you the email.  Second note, if I don’t get out of here today, then we will need more help with our boys this week.

Thanks go all of you that read this and follow our journey with Fedna.  She’s a strong, brave, little girl.  She’s a fighter indeed.


9 responses to “day 7

  1. I can help sit with either Fedna or your boys. Sarah knows me.
    Email me, please.

  2. Will you send the meals for Sarah information to me? Thanks!

  3. I think what your family is doing for little Fedna is amazing. Praying all the tests come back fine and that you are all able to head home soon soon soon! And I’m praying that God give you a few extra special blessings for your willingness to sacrifice for this sweet girl.

  4. I know the difficulty being away from Family and caring for a sick one. We too did this 2 years ago and it is difficult. But, know that you are doing a wonderful thing for one of God’s children. Aaron will be fine along with the boys. It won’t be long and we you will be home. God will richly bless you for your sacrifices. Everything will be okay. Just trust Him!

  5. I was just praying for you this afternoon! You are really going home?!!! That would be just the best news……

    You make so much sense, that in giving to another, the whole family gets to give. Sacrifice, for the eternal good. I pray along with you that this sweet girl lives a beautifully long, full life glorifying God. You are amazing. love to all of you. *If I lived there, I would soooooo be helping you!

  6. If you need help still with meals email me and let me know!

  7. Hi Jamie, I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now and I’m inspired by your love and sacrifices. You’re an inspiration. Just a gentle reminder to you though – no matter how much Fedna needs you, do spend time with Aaron (even for an hour) as he definitely needs you too 🙂

  8. Praying for all of you!

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