I have a five year old now.


I recently found Cayden’s birth story saved on my computer so I thought today would be a great day to post.

I honestly thought that Cayden would NEVER come out of me.  I was due January 17th, and my doctor graciously said that he would induce me on Monday, January 19th if he had not arrived.  I had tried and tried to talk him into inducing me earlier and he always politely said NO.  He claimed it isn’t good to do with the first baby – I told him I would not hold him accountable for breaking any hospital rules.  J

On Thursday evening, January 15th, 2004, Aaron and I ordered veggie pizza and did our usual of watching TV and watching my belly go nuts as this “alien” inside me did his gymnastics routine.  Later in the evening I started to feel kind of weird and was having what I thought to be contractions but they didn’t hurt like I had thought they would.  So, I went to bed and hardly slept at all because I was so anxious as to what might be happening to my body.  I should have slept more, but I was thinking at any moment he might pop out of me – ha ha – I found out about 15 hours later that they don’t just “pop” out!

So, in the wee hours of the morning I went potty and realized that something had come out of me (later realized it was my mucus plug) and I wasn’t sure what it was, but knew it wasn’t the alien inside of me.  So, back to bed I went, only to get up many more times in the night because my panties kept getting wet; I thought I was peeing on myself all night long.  I was also having slight menstrual cramps throughout the night (contractions!).

I called the doc in the morning and replayed the events of the night and he said I should come in and get checked out.  We packed a bag, just in case!

At the doctor’s office we met with Dr. Draughn who would later deliver me since Dr. Presley was enjoying himself in Hawaii, and he confirmed that YES I was in labor should head next door to the hospital.  OH MY GOSH is what we were thinking!!!  So, we got in our car and ran through the drive through at Bank of America to make a deposit – I guess we needed money and had to do it then!  The lady at the drive through told Aaron he had to come in because he didn’t have the right form, and he told her he couldn’t because his wife was in labor.  HA!  I wondered if she had ever heard that excuse before.

When we arrived at the hospital, around noon, they tested the fluid and yes my water had barely broken and I had been leaking amniotic fluid all night long.  Since I had been leaking for a while now they started me on pitosin to speed up the labor.

I had told Aaron that I wanted to go “natural” as long as possible and no matter what I said to not let me get the epidural until I absolutely needed it.  Looking back I now know that was one of the most stupid decisions I have ever made – if you plan on eventually getting it, then just get it as soon as you can!  So the pitossin starts kicking in and I’m hurting.  The contractions are getting harder and I decide now is the time for the epidural.  I tell Aaron and he says that we should wait.  WHAT?  NO I want it now.  He says that I told him earlier that I wanted to wait as long as possible, no matter what I said in the heat of the pain.  WHAT?  I want it NOW.  So, I got it then!

Much better!  The rest of the day was fabulous.  We had SO many visitors that hung out the whole day and made all the nurses crazy!

Finally it was time to start pushing.  This is the part that nobody had prepared me for. It was so hard and so exhausting to push.  In the room it was Aaron, Dr. Draughn, two nurses, and me.  I pushed for TWO hours with him and during that time my epidural wore off and the pain came rushing back.  Finally, the doctor told me he was not coming out and he needed to use the suction on his head – GO FOR IT I said.  I didn’t care what he used at this point.  So, as I was screaming “it’s burning, get him out” he suctioned him out and finally our son Cayden James Ivey arrived at 9:53 pm, weighing in at 9lbs 11 oz and 21.5 inches long.

When Cayden came out it was one of the best moments of my life.  Seeing this baby that we had created join us in this world was an experience like none other.  He was beautiful and he was ours.  They laid him on my chest and it was as if I had loved him forever.  Aaron and I both cried, as we loved on our son for the first time ever.

January 16, 2004 was a marvelous day for us.

Cayden is a joy to parent.  He is so curious, his imagination is wild, and he is so clever.  I think he is going to be a very smart kid.  He loves to learn.  If you tell him something and he doesn’t know a word that you used, he will ask you.  He has to know.  And he’ll keep asking until he understands.  He loves to konw how things work.  How things happen. He’s so excited about going to kindergarten next year!  He’s way more excited than I am about it!

Cayden loves his brother and loves his brother and sister that arent’ even here yet.  Cayden, I love you and am so proud and honored to be your mommy!!


8 responses to “I have a five year old now.

  1. thanks for sharing his birth story… being 27 weeks pregnant I am just fascinated by any that people will tell at this point. Happy Birthday Cayden!

  2. I HEART birth stories…they always make me cry though!
    Happy Birthday big FIVE year old!!!
    I have an almost five year old too (on the 29th!!!!!)

  3. Happy Birthday Cayden!

    I definitely LOL on this post! The moment I feel a contraction (if I ever give birth) I will scream bloody murder for the Epidural. Good news on the adoption stuff too! Have a fun day!

  4. Happy Birthday Cayden! 5 is so fun.

  5. aw! happy bday to cayden!!!

  6. Happy birthday, Cayden!

  7. Happy Birthday Cayden. Thanks for sharing.

  8. SIGH****BIG HUGE SIGH***** I love that sweet boy! Happy Birthday Cayden!

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