Day 5 in hospital.

Fedna is doing great today.  Today has been our best day by far and also the hardest for me.  She has been up and moving around today.  I’ve held her, she’s played in bed, she’s sat up, she’s been great.  It has been great to have visitors stop by. It makes the day go by so much faster!  Fedna was fabulous with Heather, Tanya Jo & Jami today.  She laughed tons and gave them many smiles during their visit!

It has also been hard, because I have had to do a lot more this evening for her.  I have to learn how to change her dressing on her back and empty her bladder.  It’s not hard, but they just want to make sure I have it down really good before we go home.  She’s started pooping!  Yeah!  She’s has pooped so much tonight.  Still no pee on her own, but I’m learning how to put a cath in so that is good.  I’ve done it three times now.  I can do this!

Bear is in route to Texas!  Praise God!  His host mom flew in from Washington yesterday with three of her kids and they’ll be here at hospital until he’s ready to go home.

Tonight we celebrated Cayden’s birthday here in the hospital.  He was a champ about it.  I told him I was so sorry I wasn’t with him today on his birthday, and he told me it was okay.  He wanted to know if I’d be at his party though and I told him I wouldn’t miss it for the world!  🙂

Fedna was great tonight with Aaron.  He fed her and held her while I showered and sat with the boys.  It was a great night tonight with them here.  Oh how I pray tomorrow I get to sleep in my own bed!  I seriously think I need a massage after this week!  My back is aching so much!!!

I learned lots about spina bifida today from a nurse that stopped by the room.  I was so excited to know more about what it is that Fedna has.  Her life will not be easy from here on out in Haiti.  It will be a challenge.  I can tell you that this girl will forever be on our hearts.  We will pray for her and her family for years.  I pray that she can stay healthy and live a long, healthy life.

Here are a few pics:









4 responses to “Day 5 in hospital.

  1. My gosh, could Cayden look anything more like Aaron??????

    If you ever need help with the cathing, just ask Sarah, she is the expert because of little beanie, but it sounds like you are doing AWESOME!!!!!

    It’s like a party at the hospital – wish I was there too!!!!!

    I too, worry about the kiddos once they go home. It will not be an easy road for sure, but SO grateful they have the chance.

  2. Thats so cute she’s sitting on Aaron’s lap!

  3. She looks so much happier. I am glad for all of you….praying that you get to be in your own bed QUICKLY!!
    Happy Bday to Cayden! 🙂

  4. I am praying for you and Fedna and wanted to wish Cayden and belated happy birthday! We made a cake last night, just for fun, and Eli wanted to put “Happy Birthday Cayden” on it, even though he’s in Texas!! I thought that was sweet. Hope he had a great day!

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