Maybe tomorrow

I heard today that we might be able to go home tomorrow!  Yes!  Just in time to have a birthday dinner at home for Cayden!  Tomorrow morning we’ll take her cath out and start slowly sitting her up.  Then if she poops and pees on her own we can go home!!!

Yippee!!  Praying for pee and poop!!!  Go ahead and ask God that for me!!!!  Please!  Say  it …. please help Fedna pee and poop tomorrow!!!!


4 responses to “Maybe tomorrow

  1. you’re hilarious and i just did. and praying special birthday blessings for one of my favorite people in austin!

  2. Oddly enough, it probably wouldn’t be the first time I have ever prayed about poop. Hoping you get home soon!

  3. Yes- I will pray… not too long ago I was praying for two little girls to pee and poop so I could bring them home from the hospital…. God has heard me pray about body functions lots lately 🙂

  4. I’m praying for pee and poop! Yeah!

    ~Amy in WI

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