adoption update

Not sure what all this means, but here’s the latest on our adoption paperwork: “we picked up your adoption archive papers today. Tomorrow we are going to pay at the central office for Immigration (passport application), but there is still one archive document missing. Once that is in, then it will be submitted to Immigration for M OI.”

Oh yeah and we received our updated I-171H yesterday!  Yippee!


4 responses to “adoption update

  1. so realistically how far away are you from getting story and amos timewise? i’m going to pray for the passport by valentines!

    • Anne you are brave. Go girl. Great prayer! That would put us through MOI VERY fast and not sure how that works. Love the prayer! UM … how soon until they come home. Hard to tell. Anything can happen, but I’m hoping about 12 weeks. Give or take one or two or five or six! Thanks for your prayers!

  2. This sounds like really good news! You guys flew through Parquet. Maybe you will have record speed in MOI, too.

  3. You probably know this…but files have to be submitted to Haitian immigration where passport applications are paid for…then they (immigration) submit your files to MOI for processing…then MOI sends it back to immigration for the acual printing of passorts. If that were to happen quickly (I’ll pray!), you’d be on to the final US steps. You’re getting there!

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