Visitors and a new position.

Look who came to visit me tonight!  Man I miss these boys!  In two night night’s it’s Cayden’s FIFTH birthday, so I pray I get home that day to celebrate with him.  Rumor has it he’s getting a pretty cool gift from us!


I have a picture of Fedna and her papa and Fedna and her momma.  I show them to her often throughout the day.  Sometime they make her very happy and she smiles and other times it makes her sad and she doesn’t want to see them.  Today was cool, b/c she actually looked at me and said momma and papa and was telling me she wanted to see their pictures!


Yes that is her lip swollen like that.  It is very big.  The doc was surprised and so were nurses.  It was like this after surgery from being face down for so long and having a tub down her throat.  She’s eating and drinking well, but I can tell it is bothering her.  The skin is starting to peel off the bottom, so we have meds coming for that soon.  They even had an anesthesiologist come up here and check it out.  He said it was bigger than normal, but he thinks it will be fine and go back t normal.

An hour ago the nurse came in and said that it was time to switch positions.  I was shocked.  I thought she had to be on her belly for 3 days.  Tonight she was able to move over to her side.  She seems to enjoy the change of scenery and I’m sure it feels better!

I think I might crawl up in bed with her tonight and sleep there.  🙂  We didn’t do too good last night and I think she’ll be happier with me next to her!



13 responses to “Visitors and a new position.

  1. so that was me… not ernest.

  2. her lip looks so sad 😦 i hope it goes down soon! still praying for you guys!

  3. Thought you might want a small scrapbook for her and her parents. You could print out the cute pictures you have taken of her and put in the book. I will gladly do a 6 x6 book for you if you think it would be appropriate.

  4. Jamie, you guys are awesome! Love you tons!

  5. Glad that sweet girl is doing well. Praying for her recovery!

  6. praying for ya’ll glad that you have made it through day #2. praying for rest for you, for aaron and the boys, and for quick healing for that precious girl..and for her mom and dad. I can’t imagine.

  7. Oh – just seeing that photo of her with her dad, and thinking about how much they must miss each other . . . it breaks my heart! What a sweet girl.

  8. you are so strong and committed. thanks for teaching us.

  9. I know you are not doing this for any type of recognition, well recognition for you that is. I know that this is all happening so you can point others to Christ. Thank you for saying yes to this opportunity. Thank you on behalf of Fedna and her family. Thank you on behalf of your children for giving them such an amazing example. Thank you on behalf of every one who gets to hear/read your story. This is nothing short of amazing. You are inspiring and in fact pointing me to following Christ even more earnestly as I read your posts this early morning.

  10. I randomly came across your blog awhile ago and had been following it for a while. But I haven’t checked it since the beginning of December and came on today to find that you have been very busy! I had to do some back reading to learn about Fedna and everything you guys are doing for her and all I can say is, wow- you are an inspiration. For those of us (myself very much included) who would love to do things like this but get caught up in the logistics and what-ifs and it-would-never-works, you prove that it does work. And it’s your faith in that which is so amazing. You never seem to doubt – you just do. And that is one thing that I take away when I read your blog- less doubt, more faith and more action. So thank you for that. And best wishes to Fedna for a very speedy recovery and to your boys for being so darn cute!

  11. I hope she starts feeling better soon :-D.

  12. I KNOW how you feel. I’m Sonel’s host mom. Sonel had surgery on both feet at an out patient facility, then came straight home. I did not sleep for 3 days (he was miserable and was constantly moaning). Thank God it’s all over and he is doing so well. You and Fedna are in my prayers for a quick recovery. Being “Host Mom” will be more of a blessing to you than you realize.

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