Last night was date night for Aaron and I! Date nights can’t even be stopped by the hospital!!! Aaron arrived and I was so happy to see him. Man I miss that guy when I don’t see his face every day! He brought Carrabba’s and that made this momma a very happy happy girl!

Fedna had an okay night last night. The one before was better, but it wasn’t awful last night. I just didn’t get much sleep in long intervals! Most of the time during the day if she’s awake she wants me right beside her and with a hand on her body somewhere. So last night she was that way too. That makes sleeping harder than normal.

Many of you have asked who I am going through to help this little girl.  Here are some sites for you to check out:

Medical Advocacy Team – This organization works to get children to the states to get charity care.  These children can not get the care they need in their home country.  I worked briefly with them last year selling t shirts for them that Aaron designed!  I think they sill have a few left if you would like to buy one! My boys both have them and they are super cute!  They could always use donations as well.  Through people’s donations they were able to get Fedna here and other children that are here getting medical care.

Here are blogs of more kids that are here in the states getting care:

Fed & Brit


Sonel – If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember this little boy.  He is so sweet!  His host momma wrote a great post today about loving him and having to send him home.

Hands that Heal – another organization that does the same thing.

I can’t remember how I first heard of MAT, but i’m sure it was Real Hope for Haiti. Getting to know Licia & Lori has connected me to many people in Haiti.

More answers to questions:

How long will she be here?  I’m not sure.  She has a visa to be here until July, but we’re hoping she can get home much sooner than that.  It all depends on her healing and what the doctor thinks.  I’m going back to Haiti in March, so it would be fabulous if I could take her back with me.

How long will we be in the hospital?  Again, not sure.  I think at least until Friday morning.  She has to be on her belly for 3 days and yesterday was day #1 and today is #2, so I’m thinking if all is good, maybe we’ll be heading home on Friday.  Again, not sure.

Does she have siblings?  Not sure.  I’m going to try and find out.

Does she have parents?  Yes.  A momma and a papa that love her and are concerned for her.

I think those answer most questions!  If you have more questions about her, MAT, RHFH, hosting, whatever, leave me a comment and I’ll find out and answer for you on here.  🙂


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  1. Sending you BIG FAT TENNESSEE HUGS!!! XOXOXO Give some to the rest of the family! Miss you!

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