in our room.


We’re in our room and I think Fedna is finally asleep for the night!  I’m tired.  Waiting in a waiting room for 11 hours wears you out!!!

Talked to doc and surgery went good. Took a lot longer than they expected.

We’re settled kinda and she’s asleep.  I’m hoping that she’s not in pain.  I’m going to get a quick shower, make my little bed and try to sleep as much as I can.

I had some good thinking tonight and I’ll fill in on that when I can get my thoughts together.  Love this little girl.  I know her momma and papa must be super proud of her.  She’s a fighter.  She’s a miracle.  She’s a champ!

9 responses to “in our room.

  1. YAY for a successful surgery!

  2. i AM SO GLAD EVERYTHING WENT WELL AND SHE IS IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!!! We will be continiue prat for her healing!!

  3. We are so glad to hear that she is out and recovering- praying for that too!

    When I read in your earlier post that you sent her in to surgery with her doll I assumed you were referring to the little doll you met her at the airport with. I am BEYOND blessed that she took the doll I made for her with her!! SO, SO sweet to see her sleeping peacefully with her babydoll!

  4. What a little sweetie.
    Hope you got some sleep last night.

  5. Kim Abalos AA Flight Attn.

    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and have been praying for you guys. Hope things continue to go well. Hope for a quick recovery. I’ll keep up with you guys. Faith and Love, Kim

  6. oh my- that surgery was very long…. I hope she is already on the road to recovery…. and I hope you got to rest at least a little last night!

  7. praying for you, Fenda and all of yours!

  8. Jamie~
    I have been following this journey with Fedna…so glad that surgery went well and that she is on the road to recovery. I will keep praying for you guys and Fednas parents.
    Susan Moreno

  9. Praying for you this morning. Love you.

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