funny things.

Recently two funny things have been said to me that I must tell you about.  Believe me I’ve said my share of stupid things so I’m not laughing at them, but laughing with them!

#1 – at the place where you get your fingerprints.  The man knew ours was for adoption and our convo went like this:

Man:  So, where are you adopting from?

Me:  Haiti

Man:  Do you speak Spanish?

Me:  No not very well.  Just a few words.

Man:  Oh that’s too bad.

Me:  Well they don’t speak Sanish, they speak creole.

Man:  Oh no, they speak everything.

Me:  yeah some speak French

Man:  Oh they speak everything, English, French, Spanish, Chinese … everything

End of Conversation.

#2 – checking into hospital – woman was helping us out and talking to Fedna. I told her she was from Haiti and didn’t understand us.  She then asked if she spoke “African”!

Love it!


4 responses to “funny things.

  1. HILARIOUS! Here is my all time favorite funny thing said to one of my kids – by a PRESCHOOL teacher: My son (now ten, about three at time) points to his soccer jersey. He says “Look teacher it’s says ‘Venezuela.’ My daddy was born there!” (My husband is a missionary kid). Teacher responds VERY enthusiastically, “Yes! That DOES say ‘Venezuela!’ That’s in Mexico!!”

    Mexico??? I can only imagine the things people will say when we bring home our little almond-eyed Latina. I’m sure we’ll be removing a lot of feet from mouths. 🙂

  2. hahahahahahah…

  3. I’ve heard several people comment that someone from Puerto Rico was an illegal alien.

    Sara: That is cool about your husband. Had some friends in college who were MK’s from Venezuela.

  4. Wha?????????????????

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