Tomrorow is surgery.

Tomorrow is the big day.  Our bag is packed.  Clothes for her and clothes for me.  Books for me to read.  Happy New Year’s cards to address.  Bible Study book for me.

We arrive at the surgery area at 7:30.  I’m not sure when the surgery will begin or what that will look like, but I’ll be hanging out in the surgery waiting area tomorrow.  Dr. said surgery would last about 3-4 hours and then recovery and then we’ll be in a room.  Then I’ll be there for at least 3 days while she is monitored.  Then we’ll be home!

Thanks for so many people that have dropped off clothes, diapers, toys, etc.  It is all wonderful and we are so grateful.  I told someone today that we could not do this alone.  Everyone that walks besides us is in this with us.  Thanks so much!  Our boys are taken care of this week and I’ll miss them so much.

Tomorrow is surgery.  I know her momma is probably worried tonight and tomorrow.  I’ll be sure and send Lori updates as soon as I know stuff so she can let her momma and pap know that all is well.


4 responses to “Tomrorow is surgery.

  1. send me a new years card.

    or else.

  2. i’ll be praying and thinking of you two often.

  3. praying for little Fedna today, for safety, for wisdom for the doctors and for her to recover quickly!

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