No smiles for Aaron.

Fedna is so funny because she is still not a fan of Aaron.  I’m thinking maybe she hasn’t seen too many white men before.  Who knows?

Anyhow she seems to always have one eye on him when he’s around.  Today at lunch all five of us sat around and she didn’t even move.  She didn’t even touch her food.  She just sat there stoic staring at all three of the boys.

Everyone finished and got up to go their seperate ways and it was just her and I in the kitchen and she went back to normal.  She started eating and smiling at me.  It was so funny!  Aaron actually caught her smiling while he stood in the hallway watching, but as soon as she saw him she was back to “sad face”!!

We’re eating dinner with friends tonight.  We’ll see how she does!

4 responses to “No smiles for Aaron.

  1. We would like to suggest that he is too vibey for her. If he takes off the v-neck — sets down the pipe — maybe loses some of his edge — she might warm up.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I just read today’s post, and, yesterday’s post at the hospital!! I am SO THANKFUL she is with your family. I think with time she will warm up to Aaron. I try to imagine any of my daughter’s going into another family and it is overwhelming for me, so, I can only think for little Fedna this is really difficult.
    But, then I just can read how very much you are loving her, and, I know God picked the perfect family to care for His sweet little Fedna.

    Thank you for just loving her so much!!! Continuing to pray for Fedna and you guys!

  3. When I was in Nigeria, the little kids always FREAKED out when they first met us. I think they thought we were ghosts. Anyway, they warmed up to us eventually. I miss their preciousness.

  4. She’ll learn to love him like we all do, soon! Love you all!

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