My guide!

This will be my guide tomorrow.  I hope Fedna doesn’t get frustrated with me as I flip through pages to find what I’m trying to say!!!

I will just tell her over and over again ….  M’pa konprann.  😉


I got this here.


4 responses to “My guide!

  1. Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol?

    “What do they call that in Creole?”

    Thought that one might come in quite handy, as well. 😉

  2. I have this and love it, too! I need to keep practicing though …

  3. Awesome resource! It’s the only thing on my ipod! As sad as it sounds, I just may be fluent in Kreyol by the time our two sweethearts join us! So proud of you caring for Fedna and excited to see your papers moving along! Ours have been in Haiti since April and haven’t even started processing. Sat in a pile getting dusty and now they’re looking for updates. . . sigh. . . .all in God’s perfect timing.

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