Leaving on a jet plane …

Tomorrow will be such a wonderful busy and crazy day for us.  I am flying to FL at 7 AM to go and meet Jess who’ll be bringing Fedna to the USA from Haiti tomorrow morning.  Then Fedna and I will become life long friends and she’ll come home with me to TX!  Oh I have so much excitement and so many nerves swimming in my stomach that I’ll either pass out tonight into a deep sleep, or not be able to sleep at all!

Please pray for peace and comfort for Fedna.  She’s going to be scared.  She’s going to be awkward.  Our language barrier is big.  She knows no English and I can tell her hello, good bye, eat, juice and night night in creole.  We should get along great!

We go to the hospital on Thursday for tests and then Monday morning is the surgery.  We’ll probably just camp out around the house all weekend getting to know each other and helping her relax and fit in with us!

We have done lots of preparations to our home and to our hearts for this little girl to come and stay with us.  Today we stopped and i mentioned how much bigger this will be when I tell you all that we are boarding a plane to Haiti to bring Amos and Story home to TX.  Oh my goodness I could cry just thinking about it!  What a joyous day that will be.  Please come quickly!

Tomorrow remember me as I fly all over the place and meet a sweet sweet girl.  Pray for us to bond.  Pray for her to trust me and be at ease with me.  Pray for the love I have for her and her family and her country to transcend the BIG language barrier that we have.



5 responses to “Leaving on a jet plane …

  1. she is so pretty.

    Do you have the kreyol cd for adoptive families? I got it and it is so good… It tell things in phrases and also come with a book that has the phrases in english and kreyol.

  2. I am working on mine too. 17 more days.

  3. My family is praying for your family and for Fedna and her family.

  4. Oh, her smile is enormous! I love it!
    Praying she will feel warm and safe in your arms.

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