baseball or piano?

It is fun trying to figure out what “skill” or “talent” your children will inherit from you. Aaron and I come from completely different backgrounds. I played sports all my life. My brother played sports all his life. My dad played sports all his life. That’s all I’ve known. Although I think I did play hand bells at church in elementary school. I would highlight my note and just count and play when it got to that note. I had no clue what i was doing!

Aaron on the other hand has never played a sport. He didn’t do that growing up. Instead he is very artistic. He sings (obviously), plays instruments, takes great photographs, and is a mad painter as well.

So, obviously we bring different “skills or talents” to the table for our kids. This is where nature vs. nurture comes in to play! We have one child that is biological and one that was adopted as a baby. We are always wondering what our kids will like to be involved in when they grow up. Will they want to play guitar or play baseball? Will they be artistic or run fast?

Honestly I think we do a great job with balance of our two gifts. It is no secret that I would be so overjoyed if any of my four children played any sort of college sport. Oh my I would LOVE that so much! I have enrolled Cayden in art classes, basketball and soccer in his short four years of life. In TN we had a fabulous art teacher and he did so well. He is very artistic and can draw very well. If I could find something like that here I would enroll him so fast. I would also like to get both boys in piano lessons.

Right now we’re looking for a soccer team for Cayden to play on this Spring.  We want to expose them to lots of things …. not just sports and not just music.

We know that Deacon’s first mom and her family are athletic and into sports. Will he be?

The funny thing about my boys is that they are so different. Cayden could care less about going into “big church” to watch daddy play and sing while Deacon LOVES it. He loves music and wants to play drums like Guy and guitar like Jimmie. Cayden hasn’t really shown any big interest in music so far.

Wouldn’t you think it’d be opposite?

So, nature vs. nurture – what’s your two cents?



4 responses to “baseball or piano?

  1. I think the important thing is that you are letting them try a variety of things.

  2. My son has been playing drums since he was about 18 months, he would use two of anything..pencils, forks, sticks. He has destroyed many drums, practice pads and furniture because of his passion.He also will play any sport where there is a moving, football, baseball. It is mostly his personality just on the go and very expressive. As his parents we have never played any instruments and don’t have a single music talent in us but are athletic so it’s easier for us to encourage the sports because we can practice with him. In the neighborhood the kids are usually playing sports together so at 10 he would choose football over drums. By the way my name is Nicholle and I enjoy reading your blog.I live in Pflugerville ,Texas . I think being in this area of Texas anything is possible for our kids!

  3. I think about this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME! Parenting is such a crazy adventure, and each kid really does come out with their own personality. But I think their interests are also really shaped by us.

    Mark and I are the exact opposite of you guys. I am from an artsy-fartsy, musical family, and Mark grew up playing sports. I have zero athletic abilities, and my poor hubby is tone-deaf. So it’s funny to see Jafta showing interest in both. So far, Jafta prefers sports. But he shows more natural talent in music. Just yesterday he was singing into his keyboard’s attached microphone, changing octaves when he couldn’t reach a note, and I was like, “that’s my boy!”

    And then my bio daughter appears to be only interested in cheerleading. ?????

  4. All I know is Deacon’s hair is awesome!

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