dreaming of Barbara

At breakfast this morning all of a sudden my dream hit me.  I think we were talking about Haiti or something and it all came flooding back.  You know how dreams do that.  It is missing pieces, but for the most part I think I remember most of it.

I was in a meeting room with our adoption facilitator in Haiti and she was drawing a diagram for me of all the steps we have next.  Then she went on to tell me how long each of them was taking.  They all added up to 10 weeks!  (oh how i wish that was true!!!!) We were so excited.  I’m sure there was more conversation between us, but that’s all I remember.  Then as I was walking out of the classroom (yeah we were in a school for some reason) she called me back in and looked at me with this happy go-lucky look and said “don’t worry Jamie, I’ll have your kids home by June!”.  Then I left and woke up.

Oh my goodness how I wish someone could for real give me a date to when they’ll be home.  That’s part of the hardest thing for me.  I can try and try to guesstimate when I think they’ll be home.  I read blogs that give estimates of how long each department is taking and I try and figure it all out.  You can’t figure it out!  It’s pointless.  There is no “official” timeline.  We have no clue when they’ll be home.

June does sound good though!

8 responses to “dreaming of Barbara

  1. That’s a crazy dream!!!! Barb was our facilitator as well. Any idea when you will enter MOI? Now that Aaron is 30, does that speed the process up any? Good luck with Fedna. That is how our daughter Wislaine was brought to us, for surgery in the states. It is a wonderful experience to be able to be a part of making a child’s life better and knowing that without these surgeries, they face an uncertain future to say the least. We have opposite problems, I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy since we have 3 girls now!!!!! Good Luck and Happy New Year!!!!!!


  2. We are desperately hoping before July … after that, we would have to re-do documents and having to do so between THREE countries (Chile, US, Haiti) is horrendous … I can’t even think about it!!

    • Stephanie I hope that for you guys too! We are having to redo stuff now due to our move and our fingerprints expiring. It’s a pain and I can’t even imagine the pain level of having to do it while overseas! UGH! Praying for BEFORE July for your family!!!!

  3. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You are not too far behind us in the process and since we have had DNA and USCIS parent interviews we are thinking, hoping, praying that maybe the boys will be home in March. We got held up in MOI (have been there since Oct. 23) since we need a donkey, yes donkey, to take an O rep to the province of one of our sons birth to get a document. Now that that is done, I am hoping that shortly after offices reopen we will be out of MOI……but who really ever knows??

    • Geralyn – Thanks for coming by … a DONKEY??? what? how odd. seriously? we have had DNA and USCIS interviews too. Does that help at the end?

      So, you’re still in MOI? With no hold up’s do you know what the average wait is?

  4. dreaming of Barbara? Yikes.

  5. tara, i thought the exact same thing!!!

  6. Are you using Barbara Walker? Who do you use for a lawyer? How old are your babies? Ok enough questions I guess 🙂 My husband and I are just starting the process. Dossier allmost done! Oh yeah… what was done wrong with your psych letter?

    Sorry for being nosey , any info at this point is a big help,

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