Getting ready for a girl!

My emotions are crazy these days. I have a few things playing against me. #1 it’s about to be that time of the month. I know – what too much information – but it explain a lot. #2 I’m trying to prepare physically and emotionally for Fedna’s arrival. #3 I’ ve been working on Story’s room for Fedna and it is making me miss her tons.

Fedna could be here as early as next Thursday, or sometime the week after next. I’m praying she gets here sooner than later so she can begin her life change. I’m trying to get Story’s room ready for her so that she’ll have a place to stay and will feel comfortable. I have a few 2T winter shirts, but nothing bigger than that. I should know by Tuesday her height and weight and that will help with clothing. I have heard that dresses might be easiest with some tights or leg warmer things. Oh this girl stuff is so new to me!

The thoughts of helping Fedna bring me to tears. The thought of her momma sending her away is heart breaking to me. The thought of my boys loving on her and seeing our family help someone out brings me to tears. I pray that God uses these weeks to mold their hearts towards those that need our help. I pray that at a young age they see what really matters in life.

Today in Babies R’ Us I thought I was going to start crying. I want to get so much stuff for Story and Amos. Everything will be new and exciting to them. BUT I know that “stuff” will not matter to them one bit. I have been so good at keeping myself from these desires. It does me good to every once in a while just go walk around in there and dream of things for them.

Today I did buy a bed sheet for the crib. I figure that Fedna doesn’t need to be sleeping on blue sheets! She needs sheets with pink and flowers!!! I also recently made a fabulous purchase for Story’s room the other day. I found this amazing guitar at Pottery Barn Kids and knew this would be awesome in her room. Lucky for me it was on clearance – $8 – amazing!!!


Everything in here is special …. here goes:

1.  THE guitar from Pottery Barn kids – how stinking cute is that??!!!

2.  When we were collecting things to take to Haiti one time someone gave us this stuffed animal.  Somehow my kids got it out of the pile and it was deemed “Story’s pig” by Deacon. He insists that this is for her and that she’ll love it.  I can’t tell him it’s someones left over!

3. I bought this doll on my first trip to Haiti in November of 2006.  I wondered at the time if I would ever have a little girl to love on this doll!  I will!  What you can’t see is that her neck is literally about to fall off.  It looks like someone tried to cut it off.  I’ll have it fixed before she gets here!

4. The two sheet brown baby dolls.  I found them at Target (I’m sure although I can’t fully remember) and bought them.  One for Story and one for Fedna.

5.  This is the first gift we received when I was pregnant with Cayden.  My mom bought this for us.  I still have it and I think it will look great in a little girls room!

6.  Once again this is a stuffed animal that we’ve had forever and Deacon insist that it is now Story’s!

7. I bought this sweet brown doll as soon as we found out about her.  It’s been waiting for her every since.

And the sheet!  Yes my first girl sheet!  Oh how I love it!!!  So now if I can get Aaron to do some painting in there for me we’ll be getting closer!!!  Any toys that a one year old girl would love?  Send ideas!  We’ll just start getting a few things here and there!


7 responses to “Getting ready for a girl!

  1. This reminds me of when we were getting ready for Su Chun Jin to come stay with us for medical treatment. She stayed in our home for three weeks and in our hearts forever. Three years later she was Callie and our daughter.

  2. Oh how fun!! Our little Lou really loves the Fisher Price mini MP3 player – it plays kids songs and has a little light that flashes and he can hit the buttons to change songs. He loves it. One thing I have noticed is that Haitian children are not really accustomed to playing with toys so typical “1 year old” toys in the US really are of no interest to a Haitain 1 year old. She will probably like 6 month old toys like blocks and things that make music. A block sorter might be a nice thing to get for you and her to play with together.

    Maybe you could do her handprints in paint and frame them to send back with her to her mother? And of course keep a copy for yourself. You will remember this little girl forever!

    I hope she gets to you soon but this must be so hard for her parents. Do you know how long she will be with you?

  3. I have a LOT of little girl clothes that Emilee buzzed right through (she sprouted SO quickly after coming home!). I’d love to send some your way! Let me know if you could use any and I will get them out asap. 🙂

  4. Both of my girls loved purses when they were little. They loved putting things in and carrying them around. Now (they’re 18 and 15) I have one that is very “girlie” and one that likes everything plain, but they’re both particular about their purses.

  5. Thought we were going to make it to Austin on this trip but our friends are meeting us elsewhere. I was looking forward to eating at Chueys

  6. Oh, this post just makes me all gooey inside! When I was pregnant with baby girl, there was a certain pottery barn sheet set that was my one thing I just “had to have” for her. Preparing for a child, temporary foster, biological newborn, or adoption, is just so exciting. How lovely that you get to care for Fedna, and that you’ll get a taste of caring for Story in the not-so-distant future!

    And about the clothes, dresses and leggings, that’s the way to go! But don’t feel bad about buying stuff for Fedna. I’m sure she can use it, or if it’s the wrong seasons you can keep it for Story!

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