boiling eggs gone bad.

I pretty much suck at being domestic.  It’s just not my thing!

Today I was going to boil some eggs for us to have as an afternoon snack.  I started them and then my domestication got out of control.  Before I knew it I was doing laundry, vacumming and sweeping the floors.

I forgot about my eggs until I heard a loud pop in the kitchen.  Oh yes all the water gone and eggs exploded!  All four ruined.  No water left in the pan.

Sorry kids. No eggs today.  Mom will try again tomorrow!



8 responses to “boiling eggs gone bad.

  1. Ha! That is so something I would do!! I don’t think mom should try again tomorrow you might burn the house down – pick up a dozen donuts instead 🙂

  2. Nice.

    My specialty is exploding potatoes in the oven.

    Had some pie crust to the bottom of the oven at Thanksgiving. The next time I cooked something, we had an actual small fire ablaze in there. Quite festive.

  3. Meant to say “FALL to the bottom of the oven.”

    I must be drunk.

  4. Well, this is like the most comments I’ve ever posted on a blog ever. Anyway, my hubby thinks it’s cool that you exploded the egg. I opened a can a couple months ago that exploded across the room. And hubby’s aunt exploded potatoes in our oven one time when she forgot to poke them. They jumped right out of their skins. Anyway, thanks for sharing. That’s funny.

  5. hmm… today must have been the day for that… was boiling water to make tea. Forgot it was on because I was SOOO into the movie I was trying to watch. Yup… almost burned the house down… oye… some things you just shouldn’t try to do on Mondays!

    Good luck tomorrow! we love boiled eggs here as snacks!

  6. Wow. I kind of like catching coconut flakes on fire myself, but to each their own ;~)

  7. Don’t feel bad, I’ve done the exact same thing before. Now I make sure I watch the pot. As soon as they get to a rolling boil, I take them off the heat and let them sit for about 30 min or so, and them give them a ice-water bath for a few min – it gives me perfect boiled eggs every-time. No green yolks!

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