adoption time line

Does anyone else that’s adopting internationally ever try to determine THE date that your kids will come home?  Every couple of weeks I do this.  I even go as far as to check plane and hotel tickets for those dates!  Very crazy!  I did this tonight.  Checked room prices at the Miami Airport hotel!!!  I have it all planned out as to how we’ll travel to get our kids!!!!

Am I alone in this?




14 responses to “adoption time line

  1. Yes, unfortunately it is a common affliction. 🙂

  2. You are not alone!! I do this a lot. I have been doing it since last year at this time. Every event I schedule I think…I wonder if Micah will be home then. UGH!

  3. you are definitely not alone 🙂

  4. I haven’t actually checked into flights but I am believing for a certain date.
    I thought I would share this with you. I have several blogs that I read on a regular basis- people adopting from Haiti like us. I love to find other Christian family blogs. I found yours some time ago but was having trouble with adding it as a favorite to my blog. When I rediscovered it in my favorites on my computer a couple weeks ago, I realized I had just met you guys in Haiti earlier this month.
    I was there visiting our little girl and had a chance to visit the sewing school (and orphanage) with Sheila.
    Hope your adoptions go quickly!

  5. I did it with all 3 of my adopted kids. I would check on airlines tickets and things constantly.

  6. Oh my gosh no!!! You are not the only one who does this! My plan was that our son would be home by this Christmas, now it’s by this summer….We’ll see!

    • Sarah – when we started a year and a half ago with paper work we prayed that he would be home by Christmas 2008! it took us a bit longer to do paperwork, we added a child and then papers were wrong once they got to Haiti so we didn’t even get into IBESR until April 2008.

      Now I beg God to let them come home by Easter but I’m also aware of the miracle that would be! I am like you and hope they are here for summer!

  7. We do it about every month. You are so close to the end. How can you not? You are absolutely not alone. I ‘m still praying for all the people I know adopting from Haiti ( And also people I don’t know, adopting children around the world) For a completetion to there adoption. I keep pleading with the Lord ” These children need their mommies and daddies Please bring them home!”

  8. I think I am too far out…

    when did you start this?

  9. I used to. We’re at almost 40 months of waiting and I stopped doing that about a year ago.

  10. Oh yes. We definitely do this. All the time.

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