Gingerbread cookies for the family!

We all made gingerbread cookies today!  We found this box at Target that had all we needed to have some fun!  It was easy to do and the kids thought that they were helping lots so it was fun for them.  Honestly I don’t think the cookies tasted very good at all.  It could have been my lack of honey and substituting maple syrup, or my lousy measuring of butter out of a tub.  Who knows?


The kids favorite part was “painting” them!  They were able to do it all by themselves with little supervision.  Aaron did the icing first and then they did the rest!

Here are Cayden’s creations:


and Deacon’s …..

Aaron already left for church, but these are the two that he did.


Fun times on Christmas Eve!

Now to answer a few of your questions that you may be wondering …..

YES Deacon is still in his jammies at 3PM – not a big deal around here.

YES I’m in my bath robe.  Late showers are common around here too!

YES Deacon only has one and Cayden has two.  Deacon lost one early in the morning for disobeying.

NO we will not be eating the others … in fact I can’t believe the kids ate them – I tasted them and they are awful!

Happy Christmas Eve!


2 responses to “Gingerbread cookies for the family!

  1. They look adorable!

  2. Your answers to questions not yet asked make me LAUGH!! I love it!

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