crazy boys pictures!


Recently Bush took some pictures for us.  He is amazing and we love when he does pics for us!  For some reason all day Cayden wanted to take his shirt off.  So I told him he could and he had to show me his muscles and give rock n’ roll signs.  We got some great pictures of the boys.  I love these so much. Head over to Bush’s to see more of what he took.

I hope that out of the day of pictures and sweating (yes 3 days ago we were sweating and today we are freezing!) we got a good one for our Christmas card.  I’ll let you know!

He took pictures for us last year for Christmas cards and we never sent them out.  I was up to my neck in adoption paper work and sending out Christmas cards was very low on my to-do-list around that time.  Here’s the picture we would have used had we sent them!



4 responses to “crazy boys pictures!

  1. So cute!! I love that pic of you guys last year. Very creative.

  2. Oh…My…goodness. Your boys are amazing!

  3. so cute! are the empty chairs for amos and story?

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