dreaming of Story & Amos

Somehow being at church makes me emotional.  During the singing I am usually crying.  It always has to do with Amos and Story.

This morning I was wondering what they will think the first time we go to church and they see their daddy up their rocking out.  Then I think that they will grow up in our home hearing about Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.  They will know about God’s love for them.

A little girl sat in front of us today and she looked about Story’s age.  She had on white tights and sweet Christmas dress.  I stared at her and wished that my Story was here in a sweet Christmas dress!

I’m still praying lots for April12.  This will be an absolute miracle.  Miracle.  But that’s what God does, right?  Miracles.

6 responses to “dreaming of Story & Amos

  1. yes. that’s what He does.

  2. i get really emotional at church also.

    you are right, that’s what God does. just last week, i had hit rock bottom and told everyone one that there was 0% chances of getting our referral until the new year. that there was just no way it would happen.

    and now, i am sitting her staring at a picture of my little guys face while typing this. 2 days before our agency’s offices closed until the new year, we got the call. so, keep praying!!! God is so BIG!!

  3. yes, it’s in His job description.

  4. Believing God for your miracle, sister! I hope you guys have a really sweet Christmas.

  5. I find myself doing this too. It is strange. Worship is so raw. I love that.

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