Friday cooking day!

This morning I made these chicken chili cheese cups:

They will serve as appetizers for my family lunch tomorrow. Aaron and I are hosting my side of the family and we’re so excited. 10 adults and 3 kids. Fun times!

I am making these cookies today! These are the ones I was going to make yesterday!
Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie

They are in the fridge and now I’m off to shower and make myself presentable because we’re meeting Mr.Bush downtown Austin for a little famiy photo shoot! I’ll let you know how that goes!!! Then when I get home I’m making a cheesecake!!! Just call me Betty Crocker this weekend!!!


5 responses to “Friday cooking day!

  1. I am so jealous of you guys getting some rocking photos.

    You are by far the coolest Betty Crocker I have ever met.

  2. I’m making those cookies tonight too! Don’t you LOVE Pioneer Woman?

  3. woman. you can never say you don’t cook! you’re on a freaking roll!!!

  4. jamie, i just tagged you on my blog

  5. Just wanted to say hello. I came to your page via a link on another. Hoping your homecoming day is soon.

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