failed teacher gift plan

I’m not a baker.  I’m not a good “teacher-gift-giving-mom” either.  Today after I dropped Cayden off I thought I would make his teacher cookies to giver her when I picked him up.  Nothing like last minute!  I usually work best under pressure and last minute.

I got my recipe from this awesome blog full of great recipes.  I was going to make the chocolate candy cane cookies.  Sounds yummy, right!!!

The cookies look delicious and very festive.  They also look super easy to make!

I wrote down all my ingredients, headed to the place from Hell this time of year – AKA as wal-mart.

Got home laid out all my ingredients.  Pulled up recipe.  Turned oven on and actually decided to read through the recipe before I started.

UM …. problem.  The dough has to sit for two hours in fridge.  I don’t have two hours.  Dang I suck.  No cookies for teacher today!  Maybe I’l bring her cookies to start the spring semester!!

Lesson learned today.  Plan ahead.  Make teacher cookies the day before.  Good thing Cayden had no clue about this plan of mine, so I only let myself down and not my kid!!!

6 responses to “failed teacher gift plan

  1. i am horrible at teacher gift-giving!!! today was addi’s christmas party at mother’s day out and i should have taken something for her teacher, dang it…i forgot. i always feel so bad when all the other mom’s show up with something! glad to know i’m not the only one…

  2. You never cease to crack me up. Who had time to figure out these darn recipes anyways?!?! Didn’t they have enough to do already?
    Better luck next year.

  3. i don’t do it either. i figure my kids can make their own gift if they want to. and some of them do. i did send money into the room mom for a gift certificate for one teacher. she has two of my kids and she is super sweet to them, so she deserves it. so don’t feel bad.

  4. I suck at giving Reagan’s teachers gifts. Not sure why, I love to give gifts but this specific gift-giving has never stuck with me. Finally tonight, with lots of pressure from Reagan, we bought a gift for her teacher. Now if I can only remember to send it with her tomorrow! ha!

    The cookies sound yummy! Make them anyway! I am sure you could either take them to a party or give them to someone else?

    Also, yes, Walmart is HELL this time of year. I usually avoid Walmart at all times, but I went to there TWO times TODAY! Gag!

  5. hey,

    my husband and i got to meet aaron and bush on wednesday evening when they came to talk to our small group about compassion international. sorry they were here so late! we are talkers 🙂 it was a great night and i’m so glad they got to come and share their experiences with compassion international.

    also, i’ve sworn off cooking or baking for at least a month. i have had about 5 failed attempts in a row in the past few weeks and i have decided to just give up for awhile. we can eat cereal for all our meals for awhile 🙂

  6. I’m REALLY bad a teacher gift thingies, and I wait till the last minute also. I get flashes of glory that usually crash and burn when I look at the clock or calendar.

    Now, for the cookies. Try sticking them in the freezer for half the time OR just ignore that part of the recipe and bake them immediately. They might not look exactly the same, but they will still takes great and in my book, that is all that really matters.

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