random news

This will be straight to the point …. i have much to say since returning from Haiti, but i need time.  until then I fill you with other things in our lives.

  • Had lunch with  my sweet friend Anna and was asking her if she had suggestions for my next book to read.  She smiled and said she had an early Christmas present for me!  She bought it for me but would hand it over early!  Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich – oh I’m excited about this one.  A journalist lives on minimum wage jobs for a year!
  • Visited another school today as a possibility for Cayden for next year.  I liked it.
  • We are hopefully going to be hosting a little girl from Haiti soon.  She’s hoping to get to the good ole’ USA mid January to receive much needed medical care.  She is almost 3 and from the pictures I’ve seen a cutie-pie for sure!  We’re working with the medical advocacy team to get her here.  She’s coming from RHFH and Lori is working on getting her here.
  • There is also another little boy that desperately needs to get to the states to have surgery.  They are looking for a host family around the Austin area.  If you are willing please contact me and i’ll get you to the right people!  This boy needs to get here quick and could be in the hospital over Christmas.  Please spread the word so we can get him help!
  • Christmas letters/cards/pictures are flowing in and I love it!  One of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving cards and family pictures!
  • I love our church.  The sermon yesterday was fabulous.  You can access them here and listen or subscribe to podcast.

4 responses to “random news

  1. i read nickel and dimed a couple years ago. excellent book. i still think about it often. something interesting with that connects to that subject as well. a couple lives on a $1 a day for a month in the states. there blog is here: http://onedollardietproject.wordpress.com/
    take all the time you need to process…..we are waiting patiently.

  2. I have heard about that book. Let us know if you like it! I was wondering about an update on Amos and Story? What happens now that the papers are out of IBESR?

  3. Had to read Nickel and Dimed for college sociology…. I liked it so much I think I’ve picked it up twice since then. It’s pretty amazing.

  4. Thank you so much for hosting Fedna!!!!!!!
    Love you guys!

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