3 hours

I have 3 more hours with my kids.  That is until next time.  It seems so weird to know that I’ve been able to spend almost 4 full days with them and now it is over.  We will leave.  They will go back home.  We will go back to life.  I’ve already caught myself this morning thinking of starting a to-do-list for when I get home.  Already thinking of what’s next and forgetting I only have 3 hours left.

Whenever I visit I know that I will remember and cherish every moment I had with Amos & Story, but I find myself wondering if they will.  I find comfort in knowing that Amos and Aaron are totally buddies.  He prefers him 100% of the time over me.  He wants to be with him all the time.  A few of the nights Aaron even crawled into Amos’ twin bed and slept with him.  They have added to their bond from May for sure.

Story on the other hand hasn’t wanted much to do with Aaron.  I am wondering how many white men she comes in contact with.  Maybe she is just a little confused and scared of him.  So that has created lots of mommy-daughter time!  I have loved getting to know her more and love on her lots.  She is so sweet and so spoiled rotten.  We love it!!!

Good bye’s are not easy.  I dread them.  I usually have a good hard cry and then I’m good to go.  Not much I can do about it. I cant take them home with me.  They must stay and I must go.  That’s just the way it goes.  So although we dread it, we know it is coming and we just go with it.

I think I’ll be back in March.  Excited about that possibility!

So, for now I’m watching Story nap beside me while Amos and Aaron are on a walk around the neighborhood.  We will cherish our 3 more hours until we must say good by.

I’ll leave you with this picture.  Since Story’s napping and Amos is gone with papa I found another cute kid around here and took a picture with her!



8 responses to “3 hours

  1. I can’t even imagine how hard it is to leave them. At least as you leave this time you know your papers are out of IBESR and things are moving forward again!

  2. love that phoebe!! she’s getting so big!

    thinking about you and praying for you as you say goodbyes today.

  3. this post just made me want to cry. adoption is such an emotional journey–so many ups & downs. praying for your heart today as you prepare to say “see you soon”!! Love you & so happy that after this week you’re one step closer to those sweetie pies!!

  4. Oh I know that feeling and dread you are facing. I will be praying for ya.

  5. Kembert is the same way around Mark. Beth calls it the “white man freeze”. I think they just don’t see white guys that much and aren’t sure how to react!

  6. CUTE girls! Have a safe trip home.

  7. Hi Jamie,

    My heart is aching just reading this post. If my heart is aching I can not imagine the sadness in your heart. Adoption journeys are for sure a hard, intense journey and yet a journey you will end up overwhelmingly loving and quickly forgetting all the waiting and pain that got you from here to there. Keep focused on the ultimate Gift of your sweet Treasures…all four of them!!!

    I will rejoice on the day your family, all four of your precious children, you and Aaron, are all underneath one roof called HOME!!!! Now, that is the post I long for.

    Praying you home,

  8. Hope you guys made it home safely. How much longer will it be until they can come home??? My husband and I really want to go to Haiti for a week at the start of next year to help out wherever needed.Haiti has been on my heart. Who do I contact?

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