hello from Amos & Story


11 responses to “hello from Amos & Story

  1. That’s great….the machine plays “The Eyes of Texas” :o)

    Your kids are precious….I can’t wait to meet them….

  2. I had tears! I can’t wait to meet them someday! hopefully soon!

  3. 🙂

  4. this made me get all teary!! he has the sweetest little voice!

  5. oh gosh! those are two beautiful children!!! and to hear amos say cayden and deacon’s names is SO special–how sweet!

  6. Absolutely Wonderful!

  7. So special to see them on video! So glad to see you with them! Soak in every moment!

  8. Story’s hair is so cute! Give them some extra hugs from Texas!

  9. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I appreciate so much that you are sharing this journey with the world! Thank you. They are just beautiful. God bless you all! (Hope Aaron is feeling better.)
    Emily in San Antonio

  10. We don’t have paypal, sorry. But I will get the shirt to you. Thanks! HOW are you???? I love the video of AMos and Story!! OH my gosh! It made me yearn even more for them to be home with you. I love you and am missing you terribly this time of year.

  11. I pray they come home to you all soon!!

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