not a good time.

My to do list is so long.  Aaron left today to go out of town.  He is gone again Friday and Saturday.  We drive to Houston Saturday to visit with my grandma from AZ and then Monday get on a EARLY flight and head to Haiti.  I still have stuff I need to buy for my trip.  Every day a new box arrives so I can take it to Haiti.  I love taking stuff down, but the packing is an art form!!  Aaron does it best!

So what would be the worst thing that could happen to me right now?
I am sick.


I never get sick.  I have had a slight sore throat for a while and had the worst headache of my life on Monday.  Then last night it went down hill rapidly.  Within like an hour I was miserable.  Got up this morning and more miserable.  Went to walk in clinic and yeap I have strep throat.  Haven’t had this since I was a child.  I’ve never had the flu.  I just don’t get sick.

And now 5 days before I go to Haiti I’m laid up on the couch aching all over and wanting to crawl in bed all day long.  There’s a problem though.




Yeap I’m a mom and my kids need me.  So, they are both in bed napping/resting and when they get up the countdown will begin.  5 hours and then bedtime.  5 hours.  I can handle that!

So, hopefully I can sleep it off tonight, rest all day tomorrow and then get back to my to do list on Friday!


3 responses to “not a good time.

  1. I am praying RIGHT NOW that you have a miraculous recovery, and that your boys are PERFECT this afternoon! I also pray that you know God’s peace and joy. now. I love you.

  2. Praying you feel better quickly and God gives you strength to finish all that needs to be done for your trip!

  3. Oh No, I’m so sorry!!!!!!
    Praying that antibiotic kicks in FAST and you start to feel better.

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