Madame Bernard Exantus

It is so hard to stay connected to a country that I only visit a few times a year to see my kids there.  I find myself forgetting about life there and when I remember I’m ashamed and mad at myself for forgetting.  Life gets crazy here and sometimes I forget about life in Haiti.  A place that my heart is so attached to, can sometimes become so far away.

To keep me connected to this place I love to read stories from missionaries working there.  This morning I read the Livesay’s blog and once again I was reconnected to this place.  My heart was broken all over again.  The reality of life there was in front of me again.  It is hard here in the states to remember these people and these places.

Today I’m remembering.  Please visit the Livesay’s blog and read about Madame Bernard Exantus and her journey back to her family.   I wept for her sorrow and her happiness this morning.


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