food – salty or sweet?

If you know me then you know that my weakness is not a chocolate cake or ice cream.  Oh no.  I could go the rest of my life without those things.  My weakness is snack food.  Salty foods.  CHeese.

Last night we had a party over here for the Bush’s.  Today I’m feasting on left overs.  OH my word was it good food.  There is half of a chocolate cake sitting there that I haven’t touched.  There are bowls of skittles, starburst and candy corn that I haven’t even tasted.  I won’t eat any of them.  They just don’t do it for me.

Here’s what I’ve eaten today:

Breakfast:  lovely blueberry muffin that Laura brought over here Sunday night.  Yummy!

lunch:  onion souffle that Kimberly brought over.  OH my this is good cold!  Almost as good as it was hot last night.  I also had some veggies and hummus.  I felt guilty for eating mostly cheese and crackers so I threw in some veggies.

Snack:  I just gave the kids a snack … what did they get – banana, carrots, 5 crackers, cheese slice and 2 candy corns.  Me …. home made salsa and chips & this spinach thingy that Adrianne made.  I’m in heaven.

Dinner …. well let’s just say I hope that Aaron pulls through and makes something healthy today or this whole day is shot!

If only there were some of the stuffed mushrooms left over.  Those were rocking too!

What foods do it for you?  What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life?  Mine would be chips and salsa.  Oh wait … I do eat that every day!


10 responses to “food – salty or sweet?

  1. this weekend I had to have carrots and ranch dip (that you make yourself with the packet and a thing of sour cream) Its horribly unhealthy but I have been devouring that as a snack every day since….. so there’s that… I could go on foever on all thefoods I couldn’t live without these days being almost 5 months pregnant. 😉

  2. watchingthewaters

    Mine would be yeast bread, fresh from the oven, either plain, or buttered, or toasted with jam! Yummmmmm. I can’t bake it any more because I’ll just sit down and eat a whole loaf. It’s a little embarrassing.

    Also in the summer, fresh raspberries and blueberries… I could eat them by the giant bowlful. I cannot stop. I eat them until I am absolutely sick. I buy them and hide them from my children. I buy them and eat them before I even get home.


  3. amanda – at least you are eating carrots!!

    Corey – no fair all your cravings (well the fruit ones at least) are good for you. if only i craved something that was good for me!!!

  4. sour cream based dip to go with them though! LOL

  5. bread. bread. and more bread.

    oh, and i’ll eat that leftover chocolate cake. it’s kinda like bread.

  6. Although I do like sweets (baked goods much more than candy) – I do LOVE party food! All that snacky, appetizer stuff – forget dinner – just bring on the snacks!

  7. That chocolate cake behind you would be such history if I were in that house! I am the stereotypical woman….anything CHOCOLATE! I could do without anything with salt in it for months, but chocolate…..oh my….bad, bad, bad, but so good!!

  8. I also LOVE savory and salty snacks – I LOVE some good, creamy HUMMUS!! I think I could eat it everyday on anything and everything!

  9. gotta have my chips and salsa–black bean and corn salsa from walmart (I just wish it had a little more kick. BUT I have to have my ice cream. I have tried substituting yogurt or fat free/sugar free pudding, but its not the same.

  10. I would say…….

    breakfast: cinnamon roll, bacon, peach, and a big glass of milk

    lunch: v8 splash juice. peach. sandwich of some kind

    dinner: milk. salad. my hommade salsa. some kind of pasta or seafood or chinese.

    i could do many many different things

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