emergency room bill

A few weeks ago Cayden busted his head running through our house. Today I got the bill.

Did you know that if a four year old busts their head open and needs four stitches at the emergency room it will cost $718. Wow. Four stitches!

Oh but wait … just found another bill for $594.40 which brings this all to a grand total of …..$1312.40 – sure glad we have insurance.  This is making me think of all the people that don’t.

Lori, how much do you charge for stitches???!!!!????!!!!


7 responses to “emergency room bill

  1. and they say there is nothing we need to do to fix that.

  2. Jaime,
    My husband was playing basketball a couple of weeks ago with the ‘big boys’ and took an elbow to the head.
    Same thing, four stitches, ER and our bill was similar.
    I did the same thing, was so thankful for insurance and said prayers for those who don’t and then said a prayer that Pres elect Obama keeps his idea focused on health care.
    I’ll keep praying…this economy is scary.

  3. When I was in 1st grade, I busted my head on a windowsill… our next door neighbor was a doctor, and he stitched my head up on our kitchen table, for free. I recommend the at-home-treatment, much cheaper 🙂

  4. check with our insurance, b/c the hospital will charge you if they didn’t get paid from insurance right away, but insurance might still pay and then you both pay and the hospital gets double.

  5. I was reminded from when I was also little another boy threw a rock and cut my head open….my dad stitched it up!!! 🙂 yep, right there at home in the kitchen…..this was his pre-doctor days too. We were thankful to have him around a year ago when Britt passed out and cut her chin open. Luckily, he was able to sew Britt up that time. I know what you mean though about the ridiculous er bills……that is the majority of our debt right now because all of Radlee’s asthma was considered pre-existing on our last self-employed policy…..it is just so darn frustrating!!!

  6. free. and sometimes I even give some candy.

    hope he’s healing well.

  7. Unbelievable. The medical profession is an ABSOLUTE mystery to me. Some people say that they have to charge such high prices so they have money to pay out when they are sued… But I just don’t get it. NECESSARY human need should NOT be that expensive. It just shouldn’t.

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