My man is THIRTY.

Today is a special day.  The day that the love of my life is celebrated each year.  I’m so grateful for his life and for his time here on earth.  I am honored to know him and to go through life with him.  He truly is the wind in my sails.   I will follow this man to the end of the earth.  He is a fabulous husband.  He treats me like I have always wanted to be treated.  He is an incredible daddy.  His boys adore him and dream of being just like him.

Thirty things I love about my man:

  1. he still wines and dines me
  2. we fit on the couch together
  3. he cooks dinner a lot
  4. he would rather be with me than anyone else
  5. he paints for me
  6. i love to be kissed by him
  7. he values my opinions
  8. he can talk to anyone
  9. he passionately desires to do good in this world
  10. he likes ugly shoes and will stick to his opinion no matter what anyone says
  11. he looks so good to me when he plays music
  12. he will be a great daddy to a little girl
  13. he listens to me cry about our kids in haiti
  14. he likes to take me on vacation
  15. he takes me to cool & new restaurants
  16. he can still melt my heart with one look
  17. he hates the beach, but still plays with the kids at the beach when we are there
  18. he doesn’t talk to me about music b/c i just don’t get it
  19. he is okay with me going to haiti four times a year to see our kids
  20. he is okay with me staying there long term if i ever have to
  21. i fit perfect in his arms for hugs
  22. being with him makes me feel safe and secure
  23. he wants to do big things to bring praise to God
  24. he makes people feel valued
  25. he moved me back to texas
  26. he lets the kids play on his piano
  27. he has never once thought less of me
  28. he takes care  of our money
  29. whenever he goes to a new place and loves it he wants to take me there too
  30. well …. this one is personal if you know what i mean!!!!

I love you so much baby!!!  I look forward to 30 more years as your wife!


6 responses to “My man is THIRTY.

  1. Wow! And today I gave the love of my life the t-shirt Aaron designed for his 33rd birthday! And he wore it all day!

  2. nothing wrong with 30…lol. You will be there soon my love!

  3. I have never met either one of you in person, but it is obvious that you guys have a really special marriage. Happy birthday, Aaron! May God bless you wildly this year!

  4. I about lost my business on #10. awesome!

  5. Tell Aaron Happy b-day.

    Oh, stop by blog to pick up an award I have for you.

  6. haitirescuecenter

    Bon Fet PAPA! Nou renmen ou anpil! XOXOXOX AMOS AND STORY

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