missing them in numbers ….

So, tonight I’m really missing my kids in Haiti.  Really missing them.  I want them here so badly.   I walk by Story’s room all day long and wish she was in there.  I tuck the boys in at night and wish there was one more boy to tuck in.  I want them so badly.

28 weeks since we entered IB ESR – please good news soon – i want out now!

9 days until Story’s birthday – will this be the last one apart?

22 days until I wrap my arms around them again – i can’t wait to love on them for five days.

13 weeks until we go skiing – i think i’ll be going.

21 weeks until EASTER – my goal … will they be here?

27 weeks until Amos turns 4 – will we celebrate together?

28 weeks until summer begins – will they be with us?


3 responses to “missing them in numbers ….

  1. Jamie, It is SO hard … praying for miraculous movement on the files very VERY soon!!

  2. I know it’s hard – hang in there!! Praying that they are in your arms soon!

  3. Hi,

    we haven’t met but i came across your blog randomly. my husband and i go to the stone and have been so blessed by your husbands ministry. a few days ago i was reading your blog about amos and story and my heart was just breaking for you. i can’t even imagine how hard it must be to so far away from your children. i am praying for you and your family while this waiting period continues.

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