I’m in a blah mood

Every have one of those days where everything is just blah?  Nothing bad has happened.  Nothing good has happened.  It’s just blah.  You can’t really get going.  Nothing is motivating you.  You are stuck thinking about something you said to someone, wondering if it hurt their feelings.  You snap at your kids for no reason at all.  You just can’t seem to kick the blah-ness in the tail.

That’s me today.

I woke up so sleepy.  Not sure why, since I got way more sleep than Aaron did.  🙂  Van call this morning was 3:00 AM!!!  Yeah, early flight to VA!

The boys were so gracious to me this morning.  They laid in bed and read books to each other while I dozed in and out of sleepiness.  Then they fought and I rolled over to try and get away.  They were still there.  They went back to reading and I went back to sleepy town.

Finally I got myself up and began the day.  Except I did things out of order and I think that’s bothering me.  You see it’s 1:15 here and I just took my shower and made my coffee.  The boys are resting and napping so I only have a few minutes of me time.  I’m blogging, then reading, making beds and doing laundry!

I went grocery shopping this morning with both kids.  I think that’s what started the blahness.  I was anticipating a horrible trip.  I pictured lots of fighting, crying, begging for all the cool foods that we don’t eat.  It is a chore to take kids to the grocery store.  How do I explain to them that we don’t eat fruit roll ups in our lunches even if all the kids at your table do.  I would just rather him never see them and know where the other parents get them!

To my dismay they were PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect.  Maybe one small fight as we were getting the car and that was it.  I was shocked.

Oddly enough I’m still in the blah mood.

BUT  …. I just showered.  So, I feel cleaner, especially since I just threw a sweat shirt over the shirt I slept in to go to the store.  I know gross.  But hey, we’ve all done it!

I just made a cup of coffee.  Oh it is so good.  We’ve been out of “my” creamer for a few days now and I am loving my cup of coffee right now.

So …. I’m getting off the computer … going to read my bible and my book …. starting laundry …. and getting out of my blah mood before the kids get up!!!


4 responses to “I’m in a blah mood

  1. Oh sister. I’m familiar with blah days…although they don’t involve kids…or grocery shopping… 🙂 they usually involve three hole punching papers at work. 😦 I’m certain that the blah-ness will turn to fabulous-ness!

  2. I could have written this same exact blog today. I was going to call you to see what you were doing but I was in such a weird mood that I didn’t. I can’t believe how much like my day this was. All for the part about your kids being perfect- mine has screamed all morning! I am drinking lots of coffee and he is asleep now though! I hope we both perk up.

  3. It must be an epidemic or something in the air cause I was just emailing w/my hubby and having the very same complaint! Good Grief!

  4. I am doing good today, but just ask Jimmie how blah I was a couple of days ago. I think he thought his wife was going to kill him, or jump off the balcony. Not sure why. Oh, the female body! We need to come with instructions. Hours after my melt down the other day I was a new woman-totally fine, unfazed by earlier behavior. Jimmie on the other hand was a little skiddish! haha

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