Deacon is THREE!


Today was my sweet Deacon’s THIRD birthday!!!  I can not believe that he is three years old.  It seems like just yesterday I was driving down to San Antonio with Cayden ready for his birth!

Deacon is a pure joy in our house.  He is full of energy and laughter.  He makes us laugh daily.  He loves a crowd and is quick to be the center of attention.  He is a happy boy.  Pure happiness flows from him.  He loves his brother and he talks about Amos and Story daily.  He has dolls and blankets that are for Story that he sleeps with every night.

Deacon will do big things in his lifetime.  He has that kind of personality.  He is a leader and I believe that God will allow him to lead people to Him.

I am very proud and honored to be Deacon’s mom.  I treasure our times together.  He is so sweet and loves people.  He is the first to share his food with you and the first to give great big bear hugs.  He lights up any room he enters.  I love this little boy.

I always call him my baby and he always corrects me telling me that Story is my baby, not him.  I then tell him that he will always be my baby boy!

Today he turns three.  That means that we now have two three year old little boys.  Hopefully on his next birthday we’ll have two more sweet children here to celebrate with us!

This morning he opened his present from us which was a new Buzz Lightyear toy.  He loved it and it has caused hard lessons to be learned by older brother.  It’s hard when it’s not your birthday and people are getting cool toys!!!  Life lessons about sharing happened today in the Ivey household!


Then tonight we headed down South Congress for fun family night! We headed to Home Slice Pizza and when we got there we were greeted with this:


Oh yes … CLOSED on TUESDAY’S!  Okay so on to plan B.  You see we had convinced Deacon that he wanted pizza for his birthday and now we had to find pizza!  Thankfully Aaron has his trusty iphone and we quickly found another great pizza place not far from there.  The pizza was wonderful and we had a great time.  Here are a few pics from the birthday meal:



The boys enjoyed our pizza night and gave FLYING PIZZA two thumbs up!!!!


After pizza we walked back to where are car was and enjoyed a great birthday dessert at HEY CUPCAKE! Wow were they delicious!!!



Every year on this day I thank God for our little Deacon.  He has blessed our life and so many others as well.  He has helped open doors for other families to adopt and for that I’m grateful.  He is an example.  He is proof that God puts families together and that we are capable of loving someone that we didn’t create.

Every year I also think of Deacon’s other mom.  You see if you ask Deacon how many moms he has, he will tell you that he has two moms.  One mommy had him in his tummy and then there’s me … his mom.  We value Deacon’s birth mom.  She was his first mom.  Before us there was her.  She took care of him in her womb.  She loved him.  She chose to place him with us and she asked us to be his parents.  We are grateful for her life and for her sacrifice.  I will never ever know what that was like for her.  I pray all the time for peace for her.  We have a great relationship with her and it makes my heart smile that Deacon knows about her and we have pictures of her in our home for him to see and know where he came from.

Today I love my Deacon.  Today I also love his first mom.


14 responses to “Deacon is THREE!

  1. Tell Deacon happy b-day. Like the shirt Cayden is wearing. Learning some restaurants we need to try next time we are in Austin. We will probably be there in December.

  2. Awww…Happy Birthday Deacon! That is so sad Homeslice was closed for yall )-: But that’s good you found some pizza and ended up at one of my favorite places in Austin (-: We need to get together sometime soon!!!!

  3. Happy HAPPY birthday Deacon! And many many MANY more!!!

  4. What a cutie! Jafta has the same Buzz toy and he is very loved in our home, too.

  5. What a beautiful post about your precious son!

  6. Oh I just loved hearing more about Deacon. I’m glad you all had a wonderful time!

  7. How precious! Jarrod and I went to our Bethany playgroup last night and one of the men there( they have a daughter named Nora and just adopted another baby) was wearing your Haiti shirt. I ask him about you guys and he said that you used to volunteer in the Nashville Bethany office. I had no clue you all lived here before you moved. Did you adopt Deacon through Bethany?

  8. Awww….Happy Birthday Deacon! He is getting so big. Before you know it, he will be all grown up. I am all teary-eyed today because Britt is 16 today. Can you believe that?

  9. Happy Birthday Deacon!!

  10. Oh I just love you guys! Missin you!!!

  11. deacon has the cutest little smile!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Deacon!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday sweet Deacon! I enjoyed playing frisbee after the 7pm service this past Sunday…..the frisbee was actually the seat cushion to Aaron’s “piano” stool…it was so fun to watch Deacon throw that big thang!


  14. Hi Jamie:)

    Just catching up!!! We love our daughters BirthMama’s and Daddy’s too, we don’t know them and probably never will on earth(all three of my youngest daughters were born in China). But, God knows them and sees them….we pray for them nightly…..all six of them:)!!!!! And, it is my Hope to know them in Heaven!!!

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