more shirts for sale!

Guess what?  I have some more shirts for sale.  They are not as cool as the HAITI ones, but they are still cool!  I sold all the Haiti shirts except for the youth medium.  So let me know if anyone wants that one.  It is $20 and includes shipping.

Now we have the rest of our shirts that we did for our international adoption.  We first printed these shirts about a year ago.  I recently found some in a box that I had packed and now is a great time for me to try and get rid of them!  We’re heading back to Haiti in a month and have yet to buy our Miami to PAP tickets, so this will give us the boost we need!!!

First I’m going to try and sell the kids shirts and maybe in a week I’ll put up the adult ones!  Remember if you want one, send me an email and we’ll go from there.  You can do paypal (that’s easiest) or send me a check.  I usually head to the post office about twice a week and will send it after I receive payment.  The kids shirts are $18 and that includes shipping.

Small (6-8): 2

Jerzee’s 50/50

Medium (10-12): 2

Hanes 50/50

Large (14-16): 4

2 are Jerzee 50/50 and 2 are Hanes 50/50

XL (18-20): 4

Jerzees 50/50


Please note the shirts for sell are short sleeve, not long sleeve as shown in the picture above on the cutie-pie little boy!

4 responses to “more shirts for sale!

  1. I’d like to have that cute little boy! Love that smile!

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  3. How much for the sweet boy?

  4. I gave you an award for creativity and hope of the good things you are doing.

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