Off to vote.

Well I’m off to vote this morning.  I’m dropping Cayden off at school and then Deacon and I will head to the polls.  I packed Deacon a lunch just in case we are in there for four hours!

A couple of things about my voting today …

  • I have decided to vote.  I have been on the fence about this forever.  I realize that it wasn’t long ago that women couldn’t vote, and so today I will exercise that right.
  • After two years of all this nonsense I still feel unprepared and not ready.
  • Aaron pointed out last night that i’m more concerned of what people will think of me with who I choose than I am with who I’m voting for and that is plain STUPID – I feel as though I have two groups of people in my life that I both value and respect their opinions that are both voting for different people – I agree with some things on both sides.  So, don’t like me more if I vote for YOUR guy and don’t like me less if I don’t.  🙂
  • I have chosen who I will vote for and if I don’t chicken out when I get in the booth I will vote for them and I’ll keep it to myself.  No need to talk about it.
  • I still am not sure I believe that MY one vote truly counts.  But whatever.
  • One thing I am sure of is this ….. God is in control.  He is not wondering who will win.  He is sovereign.  He knew who was going to win before these two men were even born.  He does not need a man in the US to take care of us.  He is the only redeemer and King that I will ever serve and put my trust in. I also truly believe that God is not dividing the Christians into two categories.  Those that voted for Obama and those that voted for McCain.  Ludicrous.

So, tell me how your voting experience went.  I’ll update you on mine when I get done.  Of to vote!  Then to get my FREE cup of coffee!!!

10 responses to “Off to vote.

  1. In the end some one’s candidate of choice will loose. I get tired of those that throw a temper tantrum when their candidate of choice loses. There will be a winner & a looser so once you have voted that is all you can do. Vote and then get over it.

  2. I just voted and I’d like to thank all the folks who voted early and made the line nice and short for me. Yeah! One thing that I’m thankful for today is that in 4 years these candidates will be held accountable for what they did and didn’t do. Thank God our system protects us from being ruled by the same person for 50 years at a time. We will have our next president for 4-8 years, but Jesus will reign forever!

  3. Yes my line was SO short. I was in and out of there in about 6 minutes! I even had time to come home and get Aaron so he could vote. He didn’t think his registration had gotten there in time, but I saw his name and so he was able to vote too!

    Amanda, you are right. Whoever is president of our country is held accountable to God for their actions. Not us. If we like him maybe he’ll stay another four and if not, then we all get to do this again in four years!!!

  4. Congrats on voting!!!

  5. I was playing on facebook and was trying to decide if I was going to put the button up to tell who I voted for and I decided not to because I was not interested in being dogged. How sad is that? I had a REALLY hard time at first deciding…I am still unsure I chose the best candidate…I am also unsure the best candidate was ACTUALLY on the ballot…but what I am aware of is exactly what you said, God KNEW, KNOWS and will continue to KNOW what lies ahead of us…I was explaining it to the kiddos the other day like this: we see ONE puzzle piece…it’s hard to tell what the picture is based on one puzzle piece…it is not so difficult for God, he sees the picture on the box…

  6. No line whatsoever for me either!! YEA!

  7. I totally know what you mean. Tensions are high and people are polarized and divided, and I have been judged and literally scolded for being vocal about my choice. I think the “keeping it to yourself” thing is a good decision!!

    I voted by absentee, which was really nice. But now I can’t get free Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s. Wah!

  8. did you get your free coffee? I heard it was illegal. I live in WA state where people tend to make a big stink about things and my husband works in government offices so we hear about ALL the whining and moaning way too often. But there was something about this being a federal offense… that nothing of monetary value can be offered as incentive for voting. People in his office even called Starbucks headquarters and told them they couldn’t do it. HA! don’t know if that worked or not… I never made it over to Starbucks.

    I hear ya about keeping your choice to yourself. I was very torn. In the end I cast my vote, but I still feel very conflicted about it. I am so ready for the political season to be over.

  9. I voted straight republican, and i don’t know why people think that there is a problem with telling people who you voted for. Just so you know I am not bitter that McCain lost(i never liked the guy anyway) I just hope everything that I think of obama is not true, and all of his supporters are right about him, but if I am right then we will have something to argue about in three years.

  10. The person I thought would make the best president neither lost nor won. Unfortunately, that person did not run. I wasn’t very pleased with either opition.

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